it’s all cumulative

Today’s musings … because the kids are asleep and Luis is playing racquetball leaving me alone to watch this debate play out .. (I won’t get all political here but let me just say, I watch for the drama. So I’ll be over here, either feeling the Bern or shouting I’m with Her. 🙂 — with popcorn in hand.

So I am feeling much better today than I did yesterday.

First, after  reading my post yesterday, one of my dear friends with whom I have always shared weight-related challenges with wrote me and reminded me to keep in mind that — although the scale may not be showing me any results — nourishing myself well, working out regularly, and making small changes really will pay dividends later. Even if right now it feels hopeless. As she said, it’s all cumulative.

And it is. I know this from past experience in this realm and it’s funny how we can lose sight of what we know, when things aren’t going our way. Yup. At 36, I turn into my tantrum-throwing two-year-old with crossed arms, a pouted lip, and all.

Secondly, I got a little nutrition advice from another good friend, who asked me about macros and how the new WW program takes them into account. I told her it doesn’t, to the best of my knowledge. I don’t know what the methodology/exact  science behind the new plan is (just that the focus is on whole foods, reducing sugar, and increasing protein) — but I’ve been journaling at MyFitnessPal too and can see nutrients OR macros in the breakdown. Apparently I was within the MFP recommendations for macros, but she suggested eyeing what Sparkpeople recommends–which was focused on more protein, same fat, less carbs — different breakdowns.

So starting tomorrow I’ll  try to work on switching some things up (playing with fruit  choices, get in a little more protein and skip the chocolate chips 😉 and see if it helps in the coming days to shake things up.

At the very least, I’ll be taking small steps towards a bigger  goal.

So thanks E  and S — you know who you  are 🙂 Love you both.



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