when facts fail

Fact: I joined WW (again) three weeks ago today.

Fact: I wear a FitBit Charge HR every day (except when charging every so often) and it tells me exactly how many steps I am taking, how many calories I am burning, how long I am sleeping, etc. It’s all data from me and me alone. My data. I know on an active day (i.e., more than 10,000 steps and/or days where I’ve worked out) — I usually burn 2200-2500 calories. On an inactive day, I burn 1900-2000.


Fact: I am still journaling at MyFitnessPal and I am doing that for two reasons. 1) Selfishly,  I didn’t want to ruin my streak of more than 1000 consecutive days of journaling and 2) I wanted to see just how closely SmartPoints translated to caloric intake.  The scoop: On average, I  have been eating 1200-1400 calories a day and staying within my allotted SmartPoints and Flex Points each week (OK — with the exception of this past week–but still was in the same average calorie range!).

Fact: I am eating much cleaner (less sugar and carbs than ever before), eating about 800-1000 cals LESS a day than I had been pre re-joining WW, and I am back to regular gym sessions.

But I am not losing weight. In fact, of the 4.4 lbs  I lost three weeks ago, I’ve only kept 2.5 of them off.

So what the hell is happening?!!

All the data show I should be losing weight. And I absolutely should be — according to WW, MFP, and my Fitbit. But I’m not.

While the first week “weight loss” is usually water weight mostly, it’s unlikely to then gain back over the next two weeks–but that’s exactly what I am experiencing! And though it may not seem like a big deal, it’s downright maddening to me; to be trying so hard for nothing.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love the new WW program because it really is making me evaluate my choices and eat better and cook more — all positives! I just don’t understand why all this is backfiring.

Is it because I’m older now and it’s just freaking harder now? Possibly true. I’m 36 now … and have had two babies.

Is it my food choices? I’m eating less sugar and fewer carbs than I ever have  … not sure what else I can do?

Is my Fitbit wrong? Maybe … but even if it is wrong, I’m still logging food in MFP and WW … so what gives?

Am I lying about what I’m eating? Nope. I journal everything and have become a pro over the years at eyeballing serving sizes for a lot of things–though I still measure out PB and cereal, for example — as both are easy to overdo.

I just don’t understand what’s happening or why. I’m not giving up — but I am frustrated, for sure. I have 17.5 lbs to lose — and I just don’t see why it isn’t working.

My hope  is that by next week I get back to that initial 4.4 lb loss and then the weekly average would be 1 pound/week — which would be totally acceptable and a respectable and attainable goal to have in  mind.

But to put this much effort in and see absolutely no results on the other side is just really, really, really irksome.

How about you? Have you ever experienced this type of situation? How did you rectify it? What was the jumpstart you needed?


4 thoughts on “when facts fail

  1. first, lady jane, you know more than anyone this is a process and there can be a number of factors that could also lead to gains or plateaus such as where you are in your cycle, stress, sleep, etc. just allow yourself a bit of time and keep on keeping on. you’re super committed and you will reach your goals! do you have an idea of macros with the new WW program?

    1. thanks love!! true–scale was down 0.5 so kept off 3 lbs now, 17 to go 🙂 Thank you. Macros aren’t visibly included in the plan if they are taken into account, but since I am journaling at MFP still, I can see where they are and according to MFP, they are spot on with daily goals–though as you and I spoke about, I could probably aim for lower carb, higher protein, and see how that helps?

  2. I love and respect your blog. I think what you write about and have gone through is incredibly inspirational! I’ve recently started a blog trying to figure out why women are so hard on themselves and always concerned with there weight? I would love if you would check it out and get involved with some of the conversation. I really value your opinion. Figt4pow.com

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