jumpstarting, nourishing

Well, some good news: my jumpstart worked. I weighed in today and was 4.4 pounds lighter than last Wednesday. HUZZAH!

Now, after weighing in and journaling since 2004, I am fully aware of how this works: the first week “OP” (on program) I usually lose 3-4 lbs (which let’s be honest, is mostly water weight), I then tend to stall week 2, and then sloooooowly lose the weeks following that initial loss. This cycle has been my norm so many times I’ve lost track.

But this time, something feels different. #nourish2016 is off to a very good start.

I don’t know if it’s age or maturity or knowing that we’re done baby-baking (i.e., this is my body now–no babies as excuses!), or realizing that I’m closer to 40 at 36 than I was at 35 … whatever the case, I’m in a really good frame of mind and plan to roll with it into the new year.

Being OP a week has showed me that  I can do it. My sugar cravings have been tempered by a small treat here and there, and I  am not hungry — I’m finding the most bang for my buck again; something I had lost sight of.

This isn’t to say every week will be good or that  I will get judgy about food again or annoy the hell out of family and friends again by thinking out loud or justifying my choices like I did so many  years  ago. That was hell for everyone.

No; those days are gone.

Today, food is food–nourishment. It’s not good or bad. Yes, it can also be decadent, or uber-healthy … but it’s still food.  I just have to make smart choices so I can continue to balance those indulgences with eating for energy.

So that’s it for today.

I don’t know what  direction my blog will take — it’s likely going to be a mixed bag, so bear with me while I get my bearings 😉


4 thoughts on “jumpstarting, nourishing

  1. Congrats on the hard work and dedication 🙂 Your attitude about it all is really great. (And I know what you mean about it being your body after babies. One thing I really love right now is that my body now is forever mine – I am solely in charge of what it needs for the rest of my life. It feels like a relief.)

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