Two Weeks OFF

I have never — in my entire career — taken a full two consecutive weeks off from work (other than my two maternity leaves … which we all know is the furthest thing from a vacation ..)

But this year, the stars aligned in that our company was closed the second half of last week and all of this week … so all I needed to do was take three vacation days and I got two full weeks off.

Pinch me. I love my job, but the notion of a staycation with some time for me, time for me and Luis, and time for us as a family is just what the doctor ordered.

I used to think “me time” as a mom was selfish. Then I became a mom and realized that hell yes, mama needs it … she needs to put her own oxygen mask first.

So in spite of having grandiose visions of us all staying home cozy for two weeks … that’s not how it panned out. The first week Luis still had to work, and since I needed some “me” time … we sent the kids to school. It wasn’t exactly a fun week; it was spent not feeling well (just a cold), but still needing to take advantage of the kid-free time (for closet overhauls/organizing/cleaning) and to tackle all the usual Christmas shenanigans–wrapping presents, picking up last-minute stocking stuffers, finally deciding on gifts for my pretty-much-impossible-to-shop-for-husband-after-15-years-together, shopping and preparing for the Christmas  Eve dinner we were hosting. There was some fun though — I got in a lunch date with a dear friend, a shopping trip to Michigan City with another dear friend, and some long walks with Rocco while everyone was at school/working. Oh–and I rejoined Weight Watchers. Huzzah!

I felt nourished.

I’m a big fan of the day date and it’s something we try to do whenever the calendar allows. (Our last day date being our anniversary in November — followed by several evening outings for parties and such this month). This week, the kids are at school M-T so we could get some cleaning done around the house and some errands out of the way. Tomorrow, we are going to lunch and a movie (after I get my hair cut). Just having time at home for just us without the kids is really special because it is so rare. When we’re all home, someone inevitably needs something … at (what feels like) every waking moment. Though the kids play nicely alone and together, it just hard to get anything done. And when we are all together, dinner conversations are not exactly the stuff dreams are made of — yes, they’re important and sometimes wonderful but most of the time they’re halted and interrupted by a tantrum or a  myriad of questioning … and then by the time the kids go to sleep we are whooped.

So I am very much looking forward to pampering myself with a haircut tomorrow and having a day date with my husband.

I will feel nourished.

The Sunday before Christmas we took the kids to Chicago: the famous German Christmas village (Christkindl Market), sightseeing, American Girl/Lego, out to eat … it was a fabulous excursion. The rest of the time, we spent oodles of time together just watching movies, hanging out in jammies, going for walks to the park (the weather was insane!), playing with new toys, reading, coloring, and eating yummy leftovers.

This week, the plan is to head back to Chicago Wednesday but the weather looks iffy so we may have to postpone til the weekend. Otherwise, we’re looking forward to hosting NYE at our house with friends, and a low-key weekend.

I will feel nourished.

In a nutshell, I am living out my #nourish2016 motto. I’m fueling well, I’m treating my body well, I’m thinking clearer, I’m writing again … I feel good.

I have my first Weight Watchers weigh-in (WI) on Wednesday and am optimistic. Whatever it is, is just that: a number. I know I am already feeling better and that counts for so much more.

And to have today be Monday and know I still have almost a full week off from work … well, that’s  just insanely awesome.

I hope your week is going great! This is the last one of 2015 … let’s make it a good one!


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