(Photo cred:  Staci Ainsworth)

Ben turned  two today. My baby boy … the little person I feared loving as much or as fiercely as his sister … is TWO.

My mom was right (aren’t moms always right?); I had no reason to fear: the moment that squirmy little baby with the wide-open eyes was placed into my arms, my heart divided and I now understand that is is possible to love two kids equally but differently.

The past year he has just blossomed. The growth and development on every level between one and two is just incredible.  A year ago, he had only a few teeth, said a bunch of words and was crawling with his peg leg. Now he has a full set of chompers, never sits still  — he runs, jumps, spins like a wild man. He went from a baby to a toddler with whom we can have legitimate conversations.  His little mind blows us away.

Blonde and doe-eyed, he looks so much like his Daddy did  as a baby — and his eye shape and color are still Luis’s today. But he is such a mama’s boy. And while it can be really annoying and frustrating at times … I’d  be lying if  I said I didn’t love it, just a little bit.  I know this phase won’t last forever; I know someday someone else will get all his hugs and kisses and “nuggles.”

When he takes me by the hand and asks me to follow him now, or tells me “Mama, I wanna tell you sumthin” and then just yells “HI!” looking up at me with those big brown eyes I just melt into a puddle of mama-flavored-chocolate. When he wraps his arms tight around my shoulders and says,  “I love you Mommy,”  my breath catches. It’s like falling in love — only with a really irrational tiny person who can’t even use the bathroom on their own yet  😉

There’s something so sweet about boys … and about two. He is beyond inquisitive. Asks a bajillion questions and is indignant til you respond the way he wants. He talks a ton — way more than Maya did at this age, and the sentences and vocabulary is coming fast and furious.  I am sure this has everything to do with having a big sister — but he is doing great in school.

He’s gentle and sweet. He puts his “friends” to sleep  —  placing a blanket over them, and rubbing their backs while saying “night night Ducky, night night Lovey Bear.” And he’s concerned if someone gets hurt (or if he hurts someone) and says “I sorry,” while hugging whoever is hurt  …

That said, he’s definitely the one to watch out for in terms of his own bodily  harm:  he tests limits like his sister never did, and  he is very physical — not aggressive or anything — but he does love to sit on Rocco, pounce on Maya, run up to us for big hugs that could knock us over.  He definitely keeps us on our toes and I am fearing how many trips to the emergency room are in our future with this little daredevil.

At two Ben loves building blocks and knocking them over, racing cars, his train table  (thanks Gamama and Pop!), dressing up in his firefighter costume, playing “pretend” with Maya, following Maya around, bothering Maya, singing with Maya, ALL.THE.THINGS.FIRETRUCKS, Little Einsteins and Mickey, Donald Duck, “helping” with the laundry and “doing projects” with Daddy, his Moosey (his lovie), FaceTiming with family, taking selfies (yes, he asks to take a picture of himself), the Air Zoo (all the rides– the kid is fearless), his best friend Brayden, attempting to dress himself, Snoopy, bath-time, clementines, pomegranates, cheese, pasta, chocolate (he is his mama’s boy!!), bacon, pancakes, and pretty much all things sweet.

He doesn’t have a long list of dislikes yet though he doesn’t like people in costumes, being told what to do, most meats, being away from Mommy (even if she needs a 2-second bathroom break!).

He wears a size 2T but pants are often long and it’s hard to find good ones that fit over his lil Buddha belly. 😉 His feet are a toddler 6.5, he weighs 30 lbs and is very average for his age, height and weight-wise.

What I love most about right now is seeing him and Maya genuinely loving and interacting with one another. I can’t put into words how happy it makes me seeing them laughing, playing, and even fighting — he stands up to her and challenges her, which I think she needs. I hope they will be friends for life like my siblings and I  <3.

Two will be an adventure, for sure — but we’re excited for what’s to come. He’s showing signs for potty training readiness and we’re debating lowering the rail on his crib to convert it into a “big boy” toddler bed.  EEKS.  My baby is growing up!!

Happy Birthday, sweet Benny Boo. Mommy will  always, always, always love you! You complete our little family and we couldn’t love you more.



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