this is four

Four is big hugs and big tears. It’s fighting a nap and then crashing before dinner … or taking a 3-hour snooze. It’s long, complicated stories and endless imagination. It’s enormous words and then baby talk.  It’s singing and dancing and begging for attention … and then slamming her bedroom door for “pwivacy!”

It’s the recognition of signs, directions, relationships. It’s opinions about  everything and anything.

It’s the shirk away for independence counterbalanced by the desire to be my little girl … snuggles, cuddles, I love yous.

It’s being big sister with big feelings, and being little still.  [Ever so little].

So here’s  the funny thing. I wrote this a couple weeks ago, but never hit publish. I didn’t have an image  that so surely summed up “four …” but this right here … this is it.

We did Maya’s four year photos this weekend and my amazing photographer friend Staci gave me a sneak peek. I can’t wait to see the rest but yup, this is four.

Even when pouty and visibly annoyed to be wearing her jean jacket for pictures, she’s still my girl.  Forever and always.

I love you, Maya Gisella. May you always have your spark and spunk. It will get you far in life.

And spunky girls have way more fun!

This is four.
This is four.

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