1489231_10152452774492361_5051443392990440074_nBefore becoming a mom, I used to laugh when “they” — you know, People With Kids (“PWK”) — would say time just flies so much faster with kids. I mean … we all get the same 24 hours in a day!! How could their 24 hours fly by any quicker than my own?!

I heard them (my mom, family, friends, colleagues — wise women who came before me) … it just didn’t resonate.

Then I became a mom, and I’ve come to see that they were spot on right: my 24 hours are not the same BK (Before Kids) and AK (After Kids).

And they are totally flying by.

This is not to say it’s a bad thing … it’s just that most of those hours are no longer mine; most of those 24 hours now revolve around someone else’s needs/wants — which is why I think those hours feel like they fly by on warp speed.

And for as much as I sometimes long for more “me” time like I had PK — you know, time alone, away, quiet time — I wouldn’t trade this crazy, noisy life for anything. This life which is, in every sense of the word, flying by just like “they” said it would.

(Lesson learned: trust those who came before you; they know the divine secrets of the motherhood!).

Which brings me to tomorrow. In just a few hours, my baby turns four. The little red-faced, screaming baby who came into this world at 9:02 a.m. on Saturday, December 18, 2010 and made me a mother, changing my world in every single way possible … will be four. FOUR. Where did the time go?!

From a little baby who couldn’t support her own head …. to a rolling/crawling/walking/running/babbling toddler … to a never-stops-talking, sharp as a whip, funny as shizzles, bright and precocious little preschooler in love with all things Elsa and Anna … time has flown. (I blog so she remembers).

Seeing her grow and develop has been the most incredible journey and while we sure have tough days — she is strong-willed, to say the least!– I love the little girl she is becoming (most of the time ;))

She’s spunky and sassy … but sweet as pie when she wants to be. She’s an incredible big sister to Benjamin and a wonderful friend (according to her teachers) to her little pals. She earnestly seeks our approval while still pushing us and testing limits. She is, in every sense of the word, a #threenager (til tomorrow! Then what? #fournager?)

Likes: Dress-up. Books. Blocks / building castles. “Reading”/writing. Princess everything. FROZEN anything. High heels. Art. Being “weatherman” at school (or line leader). Helping Daddy fix things. “Teaching” her babies. Olives. Bossing Ben around. Books. Pomegranates. Ice cream. Carousels. Play-dates. Ladybug rain boots. Dresses and tights. Head bands. Snuggles. Cupcakes. Mickey/Sophia/Doc/Dora. Weekends.

Dislikes: Jeans. Anything I suggest she wear/do/say. Sharing toys with her brother. Tornadoes. Santa. Toms shoes. Mondays.

This video epitomizes Maya right now, on the eve of her fourth birthday: strong, independent, sassy, opinionated and fun-ny as hell! She cracks us up constantly … and I couldn’t love her any more.

She challenges, tests, and pushes me. And she inspires and encourages me to be the best mother, role model, and woman I can be. When we have a bad day together, I find comfort knowing a lesson has been learned and that tomorrow is a new day — a blank slate. Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual and every day is really a new learning opportunity, a growing opportunity.

So Happy Birthday to our sweet baby girl, Maya Gisella. You’ve changed us for the better and our world is brighter and more colorful because of you.

Be true to you ... there’s no one else like you; there never was and there never will be. You’re you … and you’re FABULOUS.

We love you SO much!

Note: In 2015, I will resume a regular 3-4 times a week posting schedule. Thanks for bearing with me this year — it’s been tough with two kiddos and working but it’s my resolution for 2015 to blog 3-4 times a week!


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