my baby is almost one …

photoSomehow this handsome, constantly-grinning and squawking guy is almost one.

He has two teeth. Is cruising. Is pulling to a stand. Is talking up a storm. Is crawling all over tarnations, dragging his little peg leg behind him. Is wreaking havoc on his sister’s toys/clothes/books/self. Is a delight [nearly] 24/7.

Benny Boo Boo … is ONE on Friday. This double-dimpled, delicious chubby bunny is ONE. Where did the time go?!

I’ve sucked at blogging lately — period — and I could make a million excuses: visitors, vacation, work, life … but the truth is, I just haven’t been motivated to write or explore or anything lately. Instead, I’ve been living. Pure and simple … living. Not documenting, not analyzing.

Yet I couldn’t let this huge milestone go by without sharing just how much I adore him. My boy. My son.

To his future wife, I say you can love him, too … but “I loved him first.”

Benny Boo … Mama will always, always, always love you!


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