Earplugs + Interactions

"... loved to talk to us. Well ... scream :)"
“… loved to talk to us. Well … scream :)”

Our house has never really been quiet. Luis and I are both pretty loud people, by nature. (We’re “Loud Talkers,” as Seinfeld says).

Then we got Rocco, who is loud in his own right — barking excitedly, howling at squirrels and joggers … you get the idea.

Then we had Maya … who has transformed from a really docile, easy baby who cooed to a never-stops-talking three year old.

And now we add Benjamin to the mix.

Though all he does right now is babble, (da-da, la-la, ra-ra, at-a, ah-ah, ooh-ah, da-dee– nonsense, baby babble for now) he is LOUD.

And his shrieks (happy shrieks and screeches, mind you) are at volumes and decibels that truly defy his size. I mean, how can someone so tiny–not even 18 pounds–produce so much noise?! And it’s not just the volume, but the pitch and intensity … it’s a bit crazy and while I remember Maya making some “pterodactyl” noises, as I called them then, I don’t remember the frequency being like this. He screeches all.the.time.

I swear, I need a pair of ear plugs because he’s that loud. Even his teachers commented about how much louder he is than Maya ever was. (Of course, she more than makes up for that now …)

His ear-piercing shrieks do have a positive side, though — apparently last week, one of the babies was hysterical crying and Ben’s pterodactyl noises soothed the baby and calmed him down.

What has been amusing is watching Maya and Ben interact, now that he has his signature screech down pat. They egg each other on, screeching and shrieking at the top of their lungs … surely a preview of what’s to come. Pretty sure I should just buy stock in Advil now.

I share this because in the past two months, I’ve noticed a real change in Maya and how she interacts with Ben. She still will cover him with a blanket or bring him a toy–but now she will play peek-a-boo with him or throw something in the air to make him crack up — and then do it again, and again, and again.

She wants to visit his class at school and proudly tells us when he visits her.

And she will “play” with him — showing him how to put blocks in the container or shake the maracas; she loves to “teach” him (and correct him. “No, Benny, we do NOT put crayons in our mouth!”) #truestory.

What I love is that the nascent bond is mutual. He is constantly looking for her —  it’s hard to feed him now in the morning because he keeps eyeing the doorway, waiting for her to bust on through. And as soon as she comes in and says, “BENNY!” he gives her his goofy, gummy grin and I just melt. He adores her and he wants what she has/wants to do what she’s doing.

Of course, it isn’t all roses. He’s learning about object permanence and in the same way he cries if I leave the room/am out of his line of sight, he cries if something is taken away from him that he wants. So if she “borrows” (as she says) the rattle he is playing with, his face falls and he bursts into tears and sticks his arms out in a come-save-me-mommy manner. And sometimes her tone or actions has scared him — as was captured in our photo shoot 😉

Poor baby was terrorized!
Poor baby was **terrorized**! Nice work, Big Sis!


But they really do love one another, and nothing makes me happier than hearing Maya tell me, “I love my baby brother.” Because we all know how this could have gone 😉

I have no crystal ball … and lord knows there will be fights and tears throughout the years … but no matter what, I hope and pray that these two remain as close as my siblings and I have.

Sure, I’ll need earplugs and a ton of Advil for the future as they egg each other on … but it’s totally worth it to see a moment like this: my babies, together, loving on one another.

Couldn't love them more.
Couldn’t love them more.

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