A little getaway

I love to travel, and love traveling with my family.

That being said, there is something really nice and refreshing about traveling solo for work. I’m sure I might feel differently if my job kept me on the road and away from my family often, but the fact that it doesn’t means that the occasional business trip for meetings or a conference becomes a genuine treat. An exception to the rule.

This week I came to my company’s HQ in Kansas City–a pretty incredible city, rich with culture and heritage: BBQ, baseball, the arts, jazz … really amazing.

I packed light: just a carry-on suitcase with minimal clothing options and my laptop bag. No pump bag (that’s for another post — mama’s hurtin’ something fierce … I DO NOT remember it being this painful last time), no stroller, no diaper bag … just me and my stuff.

During my layover in Minneapolis, I bought a mocha — which I drank in silence, uninterrupted … And a book — which I read in silence, uninterrupted. This was probably the first legit book (read as: non-baby/parenting book; non-children’s book; non-work-related book) in 3.5 years.

I loved how lost I felt as I devoured it (House Rules, a Jodi Picoult novel).

I loved how, following a jam-packed day of meetings and an evening of dinner and cocktails and being “on” all the while, I was able to dive under the covers of a plush hotel bed and sleep soundly for seven glorious hours.

And I loved how I was able to take my time getting ready in the morning. I showered in peace; did my make-up and hair at my own pace. I actually heard The Today Show versus just listening to it distractedly. And I even had a few minutes to read in the hotel lobby before my boss picked me up.

I’ve had a blast — great meetings, great people, great food … the time away was totally refreshing. But I miss my babies. And I can’t wait to see them tomorrow morning and smother them with kisses. Maya already told me she wants me to come home and stay home, and asked if the plane she saw in the sky was “mommy’s plane coming here” …

It’s nice to get away for a little bit … but it’s always better coming home and I’m very much looking forward to a (mostly open) three-day weekend at home with my family.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, everyone!


2 thoughts on “A little getaway

  1. Ohhh! Greetings from 2 hours to the east of KC!

    Next month, I’ll be headed out to a conference in Utah, my first trip away from my guys (DJ will be 19.5 months). Although I know I will miss them (though FaceTime will help), I am also looking forward to the experience of the conference … the time to myself … the break from the hamster wheel of housework and toddler wrangling … some extra sleep! And, I’ve had some guilt over the degree to which I’m looking forward to all that. So thanks for this post!

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