progress …

Since recommitting to healthier eating and more exercise on March 31, my pants fit better, I feel stronger and leaner, and I’m down 6.6 pounds. On my frame, that’s pretty nice. Not noticeable to the eye or enough to drop a size, but still noteworthy.

As of my last weigh-in, I’m 0.4 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight … and that feels great. I gained 34 pounds this time vs. 25 last time. So nine months on; 6.5 months off (whereas last time, four months off).

A friend who doesn’t read my blog noted that I look “skinny” last week … and while that is far from the truth, I do feel lighter in mind, body and spirit.

I get excited for Fridays again — my weigh-in day. There’s something empowering about knowing you’re doing well and that the scale (or clothes) will indicate it (most of the time).

Of course, I’m far from a model “dieter” in that I’ve eaten my body weight in chocolate the past few weeks … but on the whole, I’m making smart choices (most of) the rest of the time and moving more, which seems to be helping. Plus, though I sit most of the day at work, I’ve been trying to go for a walk at lunch when I can and from the time I get home til the time I go to bed each night, I’m on my feet — either chasing my toddler, cooking/cleaning, or prepping for the next day. And I’m still nursing + pumping, so I’m burning a couple extra hundred calories a day from that (maybe 250? I’m not producing a ton these days).

Last night I took a picture in a white tank because, while I prefer my dark tanks, white is the most unforgiving color — therefore giving  the truest depiction of how I really look. I don’t see any changes yet, but I hope to soon!

Right now, I’m just appreciating how I feel. A little stronger, a little leaner, and a little more in-control (in a good, healthy, manageable and non-annoying-to-everyone-around-me-way).

To me, that’s progress!


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