Perfect 10

This gymnast is absolutely amazing. If you’re looking for body inspiration, college gymnast Lloiminicia Hall is IT. 

(Source: Jezebel)

Seriously, I’ve watched the LSU junior’s routine like five times today. Look at what her body can DO!! It’s just mind-blowing. Aside from the obvious: that she’s an incredible athlete — she’s also having fun out there, which speaks volumes and ties into Jillian Michaels and her “Work without a why is punishment. Work with a ‘why’ is passion,” mantra.

No doubt getting into this kind of shape requires a ton of time, energy, endurance, perseverance, you name it … but it’s so evident how that passion pays off for an athlete like Lloiminicia.

I can’t tell you how much I wish there were more positive body image role models like Lloiminicia, whose bodies are fit, strong, powerful and serve a greater purpose than squeezing into skinny jeans. A-men!





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