on track and it feels so good

Funny how just eating (mostly) well and exercising (moderately) for two days in a row can make you feel so good. I feel like I hit the Reset button and it feels so good.

I’ve had just one treat per day (vs my usual three or four … oops) and I just feel more in control — not in a bad obsessive-compulsive way but rather a genuine “I can do this”way.

And it feels good to be on track.

Why “on track” now?
While summer shape-up is why most people are on their weight-loss missions, that’s not why I’m on a mission.  I’m in my brother’s wedding in California June 21 (actually — Luis, Maya and I ALL are!) and I think because I have an end-goal and time-frame in mind, it is helping me drive this car. I’m on a mission to lose the remaining baby weight (5 lbs — I gained 34 with this pregnancy) and then possibly 5-10 more, depending on how my body reacts to eating cleaner and moving more.

Even if I accomplish this, it will still put me a good 10 pounds above my lowest weight — but that weight wasn’t natural for me. Plus, I was in my 20s then; my goal now is tangible and realistic and — most important — it’s where my body generally can maintain without a lot of effort. I’m 34 now, a married mother of two, and while it would be nice if it happened, I don’t really care about having flat abs again. I just want to feel better in my own skin.

And in spite of wanting to be at my goal yesterday, I can’t really “diet” for two very real reasons. One, restriction and Melissa no longer coexist in the same sentence. End story. (Insert applause). And two, I’m still nursing so even if I wanted to, I can’t dramatically cut calories, as it will ruin whatever supply I’ve got going on. All of which to say, I’ve just been more careful with choices … and that seems to already be making a difference.

I know what you’re thinking: Duh, Melissa! And I feel the same. I don’t know why sometimes it’s so easy for me to be on track and use my resistance muscle … and why other times I just can’t but I feel it right now. I feel strong and empowered, whereas before I felt entitled: “I’m pregnant.” “I just had a baby.” “I am nursing.” All true … but if I’m being perfectly honest, I was using it as an excuse to eat whatever and move less when that is 100% counter-intuitive to all I know about successful (read as: healthy, mantain-able) weight loss. Plus, a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes are tight. And I can’t afford a new wardrobe!

Ben is six months old tomorrow — it’s time to up the ante. I feel good and hope to ride this train into summer and beyond! Wish me luck!

How about you? Does having a timeline help you reach goals (weight or otherwise) or do you prefer open-ended goals?


3 thoughts on “on track and it feels so good

  1. yay! good for you. i like having an end date or goal i’m working toward. otherwise, it doesn’t feel as tangible. but, i’m leaving tomorrow and haven’t budged much … poop.

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