I don’t hate running

Post-run selfie. Because why the hell not?
Post-run selfie. Because … why not?

I don’t hate running. I don’t. I just hate the idea of it. Once I’m out there, I’m fine.

At least, that’s what yesterday’s 20 minute impromptu run (#wycwyc)– inspired by my good friend Staci’s awesome 4-miler this weekend — reminded me.

Nothing gets me into better shape than running. (My body always thins out when I run a lot … which I haven’t experienced in years but I know it works unlike anything else ;)).

Nothing costs less than running. (All you need is sneakers and workout clothes).

And n0thing is as mind-clearing as running. (Hello — fresh air, hard pavement, sights all around — I’m possibly the only freak who does not run with an iPod).

Yesterday was my first run since probably before I was pregnant with Ben? I ran just 20 minutes while waiting for Luis to get home with the kids, but that included one huge hill in our new neighborhood (vs. totally flat in our old ‘hood). And then after the run, we went for a family walk before having dinner. It was rushed and I felt winded at the beginning … but all in all, I was proud of myself for just doing it. (What you can, when you can!)

I also loved that when I ran up the driveway, Maya was outside with Luis, Rocco and Ben, getting ready for our walk — so she saw me actually running up our street. While she knows I go to Zumba a couple times a week, I don’t think she’s ever actively seen me exercise (besides our walks)– and I think it’s really important for my kids to see how fitness is a part of our lives. It sets a good example.

A love-hate relationship
My love-hate relationship with running has ebbed and flowed over the years. Sometimes I have felt compelled to run daily. Other times, months pass in between my runs. Of course, I think this is partially because I ODed on running in high school and college (if that’s possible). I used to run nearly every day in high school. We had to run in gym class three times a week; we had to run 1.5 miles before cheerleading practice (for conditioning) five days a week; and I ran track … so pretty much I was assured to run at some point on any given day … and often more than once.

Then in college, it was my breakaway time … most afternoons you could find me running in the gorgeous, tree-lined, diplomat-residing neighborhoods behind American University in Washington, D.C. Running was a source of salvation — and carried me through the most painful breakup of my life.

Now, 14 years later, life is very different and I don’t have the luxury of running on a whim … BUT, I’d like to make time for it. To build it into my day. If nothing else, a couple times a week. I am not one to train for races or anything like that (though I have lots of friends who do — props!) – but a little recreational running does the mind, body and spirit good, and it’s time to do something for me … part of the challenge of being a mom is putting yourself first, but sometimes we do need to put our own oxygen masks on first.

See you out there 😉


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