mirror images

Everyone who knows our family says Ben is a spitting image of Maya as a baby: family, friends, their teachers at school …

I don’t know if it’s because I see Maya as a little girl now or what, but until I see photos comparing the two side-by-side, I don’t really see the similarities. Today my sister shared this comparison pic with me (below) and there is NO mistaking that these two are siblings!

From their big, bald heads to their wide eyes (Ben’s are green though, and Maya’s are blue), button noses, rosebud mouths, chubby double-dimpled cheeks and square-ish jawlines, … they are virtually indistinguishable from one another — save for the outfits 😉

Of course, I have no clue what they will look like as they grow up, but for now — I love seeing the comparison of my babies. And I can’t wait to see their friendship blossom.

Maya at 5 months; Ben at 5 months
Maya at 5 months; Ben at 5 months



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