GoBe? No-Go for me!

There’s a new weight loss tool coming to market, called GoBe. Apparently, for $189 you can own the GoBe wristband, which automatically monitors everything you put in your mouth: no calorie counting or journaling necessary. It apparently tracks calories, hydration, stress levels and sleep. It sounds like a miracle, doesn’t it?!

Per the DailyMail article,‘GoBe is the only way to automatically measure calorie intake—through your skin, by reading the glucose in your cells,’ the firm behind it says.

While at first glance this sounds like a great idea for someone who 1) doesn’t like to journal 2) doesn’t have the time/ability to journal or 3) is just learning the ins-and-outs of good nutrition and feels overwhelmed by all the stats, the GoBe band could be a great tool.

But for many of us, food isn’t “just” fuel. For many of us, the art act of eating can–at times–be far more emotional (good or bad) than rational/practical. And oftentimes, what’s behind the impulse buy or bite or whatnot isn’t something technology can track …

As I noted to a good friend who shared the article about GoBe with me, I think in theory it’s a cool idea for many people — especially those new to the weight loss wagon who just want the cold, hard facts and don’t really have a food issue … but is it going to stop me from shoving chocolate in my mouth if I’m, say, stress-eating on deadline?
Let’s be honest here. When I’m stressin’, I need a wrist slap, not a wrist band.
I need the discipline that comes from within that tells me, “Stop, you don’t need more. Stop, you’re over-eating. Stop, you’re not hungry” — also know as “the resistance muscle,” by Dr. Judith Beck. (Mine needs a serious workout).
In spite of the fact that  I don’t flex my resistance muscle like I should, I like having to journal that I consumed x calories of chocolate today. It doesn’t take the sting out of the fact that the chocolate put me x calories over my daily recommended intake or the fact that I’m (duh) not losing weight as a result … but there’s something equally harsh and empowering about having to own up to it via journaling.
Which brings me to my #1 reason why I don’t think GoBe would work for me: if deliberately writing it down doesn’t stop me from over-eating, who is to say a wrist-band that does it automatically for me would make a difference in terms of self-control? I just don’t think it would.
I guess if GoBe wanted to send me a wrist band to try, I’d give it a shot (hint, hint)… but I’m definitely not going to be shelling out $189 for it. I will, however, be curious to hear others’ reviews on the product–perhaps those without perpetual food issues.
How about you? Would you be willing to give GoBe a shot?

3 thoughts on “GoBe? No-Go for me!

  1. i’m still curious. i’d like to try it just to see how close it comes to my actual perceived intake. i’ve been journaling via sparkpeople for forever now but i know if i don’t feel like it, i just won’t. so, where i don’t force myself to acknowledge if i don’t stay on track, this would be that visual reminder. seems like it might help me because right now, i just act like it doesn’t happen. not much better. :/

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