Too beautiful not to share

I love this post, The Evidence, in its entirety. As the mom of two small children, this resonates a ton. I know there will come a time when they will be locking themselves in their rooms, as teenagers do … so for now, it makes me want to embrace the clutter I want to stow away. The mess I long to clean. The disorder I crave to order.

It’s funny; when we moved I said I didn’t want our living room to be the defacto playroom (especially since we have two other play spaces not to mention the kids’ bedrooms). But lo and behold, the living room still is very much a playroom. It’s OK; it’s “evidence.” And I love that way of thinking.

Kate, beautiful writing as always! Hope you don’t mind my sharing; it’s a great piece.


2 thoughts on “Too beautiful not to share

  1. Thank you so much, Melissa! It’s just what I needed to hear when we were in the midst of the craziness last night, so I figured I’d put the words on paper. There’s less time to do that these days, but I want so badly to make time to capture the memories.

    I’d rather a messy house filled with laughter than a clean house filled with silence.

    1. This would make for a perfect podcast. Love how you write. And I totally agree: a messy house filled with laughter means much more than a clean house filled with silence. A-MEN.

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