maya ... three years old… and just like that, my baby is three.


I could ask where the years have gone — marvel at the fact that a tiny, bald, wrinkly 6 pound 4 ounce baby has grown into a beautiful little girl who is smart and sweet and sassy and fun and inquisitive and compassionate. I could cry at the fact that she’s “all grown up” … but I won’t. At least, not here 😉 Why? Because anyone who is a parent shares these sentiments … understands the bittersweetness of seeing your baby grow up and simultaneously wanting to keep them small and innocent while being eager for what the future holds.

I posted the above pic today on Facebook with the following:

Happy third birthday to our fiercely independent, wildly imaginative, aviation-obsessed, cupcake-loving, sweet-yet-sassy little girl who lights up our lives with her double-dimpled smile, singing voice and stories. She is the best big sister we could ask for and every day with her is both an adventure and a blessing. She made me a mom and she’ll *always* be my baby. Happy Birthday, Maya Gisella!! We love you soooooo much!

She’s doing so many amazing things right now and every day literally is a new adventure. I love watching her learn, ask, grow. She cracks us up with her crazy stories and — in true first-born fashion — she loves to be the center of attention/make us laugh.

But above all, I think what I love most of all about this stage is how nurturing she is — with her baby dolls, with her friends, and of course, with Ben. She adores her brother and I couldn’t ask for more. I know sibling rivalry and all that jazz is inevitable but I love how much she loves him.

These little loves rock my world.

My reason for everything
My reason for everything

The more I know her, the more I love her and the beautiful little girl she is becoming. I know I can’t protect her from all the evils of the world, heartache, pain … but if she could forever keep her sunny disposition and steely determination (do not suggest to her you help her do something, lest you want a lecture on why SHE can do it!), I am confident she will thrive no matter what life throws her way.

Sweet Maya, I couldn’t love you more. Happy Birthday, lovebug.

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