24 hours

Provided all goes well and on time, about 24 hours from now, I hope to be holding my little boy.

What a mind-blowing concept.

I *wish* I could say the last few days have been a joyful, fun-filled walk in the park, but that would be a lie. In reality, they’ve been stressful and exhausting, made only worse by insomnia.

Fortunately, now the only thing I need to focus on is bringing this [still unnamed] baby into the world, safe and sound. At 39 weeks today — my 34th birthday — I feel up to the challenge.

I don’t know when we will leave the hospital or when I’ll be able to blog again with an update, but thanks for all the love and support!


3 thoughts on “24 hours

  1. So excited for you!! It must be different and somewhat comforting knowing how tomorrow will go (roughly) since you’ve done it before. I can’t wait to see first pictures and find out the name you decide on!

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