Insomnia at 38 Weeks

Insomnia has been the biggest discomfort as of late  as I head into this last week of pregnancy. I fall asleep just fine but then wake tossing and turning, unable to go back to bed, for several hours at a time. I read blogs, I shop online (oops!), I think … mostly, I think about what’s to come, how Maya will be, how our family dynamic will change.

The fact that I can’t turn my brain off once I’m up is annoying and distracting and frustrating because regardless of whether I get three or six hours of sleep, I still have to work each day; still have to be a wife and a mom and a friend.

There is no “off” switch and while I can cut myself some slack and of course everyone understands, I don’t like the lack of control over my own body … and sleep really IS a key tenet of good overall health and when one is severely lacking …well, it’s an ugly situation! I am far more emotional and irritable than ever before and while I’m sure this bout of insomnia is my body preparing me for the sleepless nights ahead, it would be nice to be able to enjoy these last couple of nights before we have a newborn in the house.

Tomorrow is my pre-op appointment with my OB; the last prenatal visit! CRAZY. In many ways, it’s hard to believe it’s almost time to meet Baby H, but at the same time, I feel more and more ready by the day — mostly because I’m so uncomfortable, physically.

I’m not sure if it feels like I’ve been pregnant forever for my readers as it does for me, but I’m ready to meet this kiddo. Well, on October 3, that is! Stay put, Baby H! Until then, I’ll suck this obnoxious insomnia up and just pray it draws to a close once he’s here.

Since I’m done working out, today’s bi-weekly shot is in my work clothes in Maya’s bathroom. I can’t believe how ginormous I have gotten — especially when compared to my 10-week photo. The changes over the past nine months are truly mind-blowing.  While you can always check out my “growth” on the Baby Bump 2 page, allow me to compare here (so you don’t need to leave the page) … holy smokes, right?!

I don’t know how much I’ll be able to blog over the next week but I’ll try to post when I can. Thanks for all the love and support!!




6 thoughts on “Insomnia at 38 Weeks

  1. I wanted to ask you how you have been counting the weeks as you go along. Im always curious how people count because i never know if people are counting weeks the same way as I am. My doctor says you count from the first day of your last period. Does everyone count like that? Or do they count from the point of ovulation?

    1. First day of last period is how I think everyone counts. What’s confusing is the “months” someone is pregnant. Like if you make it 40 weeks, you’re “technically” pregnant 10 months, not 9. So I prefer to use weeks, for clarity sake.

      1. Thanks! I guess everyone counts this way. When you have no bump it seems like maybe you are counting wrong! This week seems to be the start of a visible change (15 weeks)!

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