Maternity Pics, Round 2

I hemmed and hawed at the notion of doing maternity pics again. Is it unkosher? Vain? Silly? And who wants to be photographed when they are at their heaviest point?

But in the end, decided I did want to have this period of my life — our life — documented.  If for no one else, for us. And for Baby H.

My amazing photographer friend, Staci (who has done all our family photography since my maternity shoot with Maya), did the shoot Labor Day weekend in South Haven on Lake Michigan. Though it was hella windy and significantly colder than we all banked on, we had a great time and she captured some really beautiful moments for us. I love how they turned out, and especially how we will be able to look back and remember when we were on the cusp of being a family of four.

Though I love them all, these are some of my faves.


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