The Final Countdown

T-24 til baby boy H arrives–and hopefully, not a moment sooner.

Not because I don’t want to be done with this stage of pregnancy — believe me, I do. But rather because there’s still so much to do before his arrival, and of course because I want him to bake as long as he possibly can.

Nonetheless, I’m sick of feeling enormous (and getting bigger by the day) and exhausted. I’m sick of being winded from next to nothing. I’m sick of the insomnia. The aching back. The heartburn. The sensation of starving one minute, stuffed the next, then hungry an hour later (body, make up your mind!). I’m sick of this overall lack of energy (yet I’m still forcing myself to work out because I know it’s good for me and the baby)). I’m sick of the lack of patience I feel towards Maya when, deep down, I know she is just feeling her oats and sensing things are about to change. And I’m sick of feeling little connection to this baby … connection I desperately want to feel, and am hoping I will once he’s here.

I know all those “sick ofs” are things I should be grateful for … but if I’m being honest (and I always am; this is my blog!) I’m just done. This is the home stretch now, and whereas with Maya, I would have gladly stayed pregnant another month or two — I was never even that physically uncomfortable, even up til the morning I delivered her at 39 weeks 6 days) — this go around, I’m done. Even my mom said something to me about it today on Skype. Maybe it was the desperation in my voice or the look in my eyes — she knows me like only a mom can — but she said, “You’re done, aren’t you, Lis?” I hated to say yes, but she was spot-on … I am. And I hate wanting to throw the towel in because 1) I’m not a quitter and 2) October 3 really is just around the corner. I’ve waited almost 36 weeks already; I can be a little more patient …

All things considered, we are in decent shape.

  • Birth idea is written. Even when having a scheduled C-section, it’s still good to have your birth idea written down.
  • His nursery is mostly ready — I’ve been on a decorating binge. We just need to move the twin bed, bookshelf and desk out and move the rocker in.
  • The Boppy cover has been replaced (from adorable pink to adorable blue). That baby comes to the hospital with us. Burp cloths are all washed and ready to use, as well.
  • Evil pump bag is ready to go for when we get home. (Just need to wash bottles and parts). Another lesson learned: early on, pump after each feeding to boost supply. It’s exhausting but I am praying not to have the same supply issues I did last time …
  • Diaper bag has been purchased … though there’s no need to bring it to the hospital like we did last time. (Lesson learned).
  • Pack-n-play, bouncy seat, activity mat and Baby Bjorn are all ready to use.
  • His 0-9 mth wardrobe is hanging — tags still on — in the closet. Jammies and onesies from friends have all been washed and folded.
  • Maya is prepped. She’s obsessed with her baby brother and his room and telling anyone and everyone who asks about him — a.k.a., “Gabe, not Diego.” (And no, we haven’t settled for sure on a name but she has!).

We still need to do a couple things, like install the infant car seat … get diapers (though Maya was in preemie diapers at the beginning so we’ll probably wait to get diapers once we see how big he is) … pack my hospital bag (I did not need or use 90% of what I brought last time … lesson learned) and, well, give a name to this acrobat wreaking havoc on my insides … that one’s kind of a big deal!

Still, these next 24 days are filled with lots of fun things and activities and while I know I need to rest when I can, I also know “this is it …” and want to enjoy as much as I can.

So little baby boy H … yes, you are making your mama absolutely nuts … but I can deal with another 24 days because there is an end in sight, and it’s the sweetest light at the end of the tunnel … meeting you, the little boy we’ve wondered about and dreamed about for nine months. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.

Til then, stay tucked in there safe and sound and we’ll see you soon.

PS — Can we call a truce and quit those 2-5 a.m. kick parties? Those are surely a rockin’ good time for you, but they’re really not fun for your mama!



2 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. So so so close! You can do it. I’m sorry you are feeling done….hopefully these next few weeks will just fly by for you.

    That is precious that Maya already is “set on a name”…hah!

    I understand the working out thing. There are some days I have to drag myself to the gym because I don’t feel motivated. But then I never, ever regret a workout after it’s finished. It’s so healthy for both you and the baby:)

    1. Thank you!! Same for you–SO close!!

      Right–it’s hard to get there but it does always feel good. There comes a point though — where I’m at today — where I had to say no more … just is risky to be doing the type of activity/level of intensity I have been doing. It’s hard to say no more … but, sometimes it’s necessary! Don’t beat yourself up if/when you get to that point!

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