34 Weeks … Home Stretch

Well … five weeks from today, it’s “go-time!!” Hard to believe how quickly it’s approaching. I think because I have so much else on my mind, it hasn’t been at the forefront of my thoughts constantly the way it was with Maya …

I added my latest bump shot here. As you can see, I am growing (and growing and growing!) by the week … Doc appointment this week showed I am all on track and doing well. My blood pressure is still really good (and low for a pregnant person) and I’m up a healthy 27 pounds.

And though I’ve been in maternity jeans and stuff for forever it seems, I’m still wearing my regular lululemon workout gear, so … HA!! For as much as my hubby dislikes my favorite brand (solely based on price–I bet if he would deign to try  something on, he’d fall in love, too!) but even he has to admit it’s served me well throughout my pregnancy …I haven’t needed new gym clothes this time! AND it inspires me to continue working out. Which is key.

We still don’t have a name, which is a major source of contention. It doesn’t worry Luis (he says we have time .. MEN) but of course I’m like, let’s get this show on the road here! … The problem is, we cannot agree!! Neither of us like the other’s suggestions and so this week I haven’t even been pushing a discussion. My goal is this weekend to hammer it down so I can finally start calling him something other than “Baby H.”

Of course, with Maya’s name, it was SO easy. We had her name pretty much set from the moment we found out she was a girl at 11 weeks. With this little one … we had a girl name picked and then it turns out it was a boy. And so he remains nameless, faceless … but deeply loved!

For being 34 weeks along, I am still feeling good and count my blessings every single day.

How about you? What unique/interesting boys’ names have you heard lately? Did you struggle naming one (or any) of your children? The general consensus among my friends is that boys names are harder to agree on. Um, yes!


6 thoughts on “34 Weeks … Home Stretch

  1. Tom and I have a harder time with girls’ names. We could not agree on ANY. Good thing Nate turned out to be a boy. LOL Our second choice to Nathaniel was Gabriel and I’ve always had a soft spot for Ryan, even though it’s really common. Tom really like Liam and Noel but I told him then we’d have the Gallagher brothers from Oasis. LOL

    1. LOL … guess what my #1 boy pick is?? Starts with a G … 🙂 Love how Maya and Gabe sound together 🙂 Haven’t gotten hubby buy-in on that one though. Maya calls him “Gabe” and then Luis goes and calls him “Diego …” Hence, our standstill!

      HA … Oasis!

      1. No, not Diego – you’ll get all Nickelodeon themed gifts for the first 5 years. LOL

        I know you celebrate Christian and Jewish holidays, but one of the things I really liked about Gabriel (aside from the sound and appearance – there’s something about the -iel of Gabriel and Nathaniel that I love, and the Gabe/Nate sound), I love that Gabriel is the Christmas angel, delivering the world’s good news. So you have certainly got my vote in this. 😉

      2. EXACTLY! Notttttt Diego 🙂 Aw that is true–there is that meaning. It also means “strong man of G-d” Love the name … just need Luis to agree 😉

  2. I think we finally settled on a girl name, but naming a baby is hard! It’s a name they will have for their entire life, so its no small task.

    Some unique boy baby names I have heard lately (well not necessarily unique, but ones I haven’t seen on the top 10 list):


    Hmmm…there are several G names! I think boy names would be tough. But then again, I think girl names are too!

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