Lately, I’ve been feeling totally unmotivated to blog.

Don’t get me wrong … I have lots of thoughts … like how Miley Cyrus makes me embarrassed to be a woman and how I’m now officially panicking about how much still needs to be done in the next 5.5 weeks (including naming this bambino) … but mostly I’m just exhausted and the thought of sitting on the computer–after 9+ hours on my laptop at work — just makes my head ache.

I am still working out most mornings before the sun comes up (though finding the drive is getting harder and harder) and by the time I get home from work, we eat dinner and get Maya bathed and ready for bed … I’m rendered useless. I’m giving in to my body and listening when I need more sleep (like this AM) but it’s very hard for someone who is so go.go.go all the time to just … let it be. To cave. And, above all, to be OK with it.

Of course, I’m not truly unmotivated … I like to think I’m a very motivated person … most of the time; ) It’s a temporary phase and it’s good to remind myself of that when I do feel like a weakling, as I do now.

The to-do list at work is a mile long before my leave begins (including planning a huge client summit and two Chicago trips). Likewise, the to-do list at home is a mile long (including finishing the nursery).

But it all will get done, even if it’s at the 11th hour. And if, say, my June 2012-December 2012 Shutterfly album doesn’t get finished before He Who Has No Name is born … well, life will go on.


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