30 Weeks

It’s somewhat hard to believe I’m really in the home stretch now … I’m two months and two days shy of Delivery Day …  and the amount of stuff going on at work and at home between now and then is just mind-blowing. It’s going to fly by.

I snapped my 30-week pic before Body Pump this morning to add to my growing collection of bump shots. I am sure I look pretty silly still lifting weights, but I know how good it is for me and how strong it makes me feel … so I keep at it. Plus, someday, I want my kids to know that their mama was strong and fit … in case I should ever let myself go 😉 (HA).

Overall, I’m feeling good. My doctor’s appointments will be every two weeks for the next six weeks, and then weekly. It’s strange because I don’t have the bi-weekly nonstress tests this time, and so much of this pregnancy has just felt normal that not having something to worry about, makes me worry! I know that sounds ridiculous but hear me out: I read an article about this not too long ago in one of my parenting or fitness magazines–can’t remember which–which was about women who have had traumatic pregnancies and/or births and how that pre-partum anxiety is very real for us, and doesn’t really go away even when we know, rationally, things are OK.

Our to-do list is still a mile long, which includes painting the nursery and getting the crib set up … but I’m still not in freak-out mode just yet. Hopefully Luis will get those things done next weekend while I’m in NJ with Maya!!

Speaking of … I’m flying alone with her … something I’ve done a million times before but never while pregnant and certainly never this pregnant! She has her own seat but I am a little worried about how all this will go down. I know the tricks of the trade: snacks, water, new toys/books, crayons, etc … but let’s be honest here: for as much as they like routine, toddlers are wholly unpredictable little creatures when traveling and my biggest worry is chasing after her in the airport (it’s unlikely she will sit in her stroller for very long). EEKS!!
Anyway, we will get through it. I haven’t been home since last Labor Day and this is really my last opportunity to fly. In a way, it’s special because it’s a mommy-daughter trip before baby boy comes and changes our family dynamic.

30 down, less than 10 to go.


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