I Missed My 5-Year Bloggiversary!

A friend from college announced that today is her five year bloggiversary and it suddenly hit me … I missed my OWN 5-year bloggiversary!

How did I do that?!! My blog was my first “baby”!

I blame it on pregnesia.

For as verbose as I am, it’s hard to fathom I’ve been at this for five years … 1,158 posts. In those five years, SO much has changed — the name of the blog, my blog’s purpose/content focus, I became a mom … oy! But though I don’t write as often as I’d like to, I love this side passion and hope you enjoy reading my random (but intentioned) musings about body image, health, fitness, motherhood, pregnancy, being a mom to a girl, disordered eating, anxiety … and of course the light of my life, my little family.

So today, since I can’t toast with champagne and personally like to eat more than drink anyway, I’m going to have a cupcake on behalf of this little blog which has given me so much.

I also want to thank YOU for reading and sticking by me through my recovery journey and into a life of health, happiness, and overall wellness: mind, body and spirit.

Cheers to five more years!


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