28 Weeks Down, 12 to Go

Although I feel like I have been pregnant for an eternity (and I kind of have … since Jan.) and this summer heat wave is kicking my booty … in many ways, it’s hard to conceptualize that the third trimester is here already. It feels like it’s flown by.

And in the next twelve weeks, he who has no name will be here.


Our entire family dynamic will change. I will become mother to a son. Luis will become father to a son. Maya will become a big sister. And our little family of four will become five.

While there’s still SO much to do to prepare for this little one’s arrival, I am not in freak-out mode. I know it will get done. I also know what babies really need is love, milk, clothes, diapers and a place to sleep initially … and we have all those bases covered.

And while I feel enormous (mostly belly, but still) and am gaining by the week, I’m accepting it as something I will deal with later. It’s clear to me I will have a lot more to lose post-partum this time (I’m close to tipping the scales relative to where I was when I delivered Maya now and have a little less than three months to go), but I am still working out daily and feeling strong and that is trumping that number on the scale. I’m not saying it’s easy to see these numbers, but there is a “why” and that helps; I’m able to keep my anxiety at bay.

And though our house hasn’t sold — which would give us a sense of financial stability once again/take a huge stress off our backs —  we have hope the tide will change soon. And if it doesn’t, we will put it up for a rental.

The bottom line is, in spite of not feeling ready, gaining a ton of weight, and not having sold our house yet … I’m doing pretty OK for being seven months along and am feeling more and more excited as the days go by to meet this little one. In fact, my mom has been shopping lots and last week she sent a bunch of adorable clothes for him (and a dress for Maya, of course!). Opening the box, my heart burst seeing all the tiny little outfits and onesies and sleepers. It makes him feel more real.

At my 28-week checkup tomorrow I will be scheduling my C-section. In many ways, it’s a bizarre thought — to pick your child’s birth day. But that’s our deal, and depending on my OB’s schedule, we will choose his birth day. I know it needs to be in the 39th week, so somewhere between October 2-9. My birthday is October 2 so I would prefer for it NOT to be then (who wants to be cut open on her birthday!?). October 4 is when we got engaged, so that would be really special, but we will have to see what is available.

All in all, still feeling pretty good and hoping it continues. Now if only the humidity and heat would take a hike … then I’d be REALLY happy!



3 thoughts on “28 Weeks Down, 12 to Go

  1. Don’t worry too much about your weight gain as long as you are still staying as active as you are! Every time I jump on the scale at the doctor’s office I think the wind gets knocked out of me for seeing a number like THAT. But as you said, it’s “for a reason” and as long as you are keeping fit, I wouldn’t worry too much about the number.

      1. Yes although sounds like you will have your baby first since you are scheduling the C-section. That is, unless I go really early (which I doubt since this is my first baby!)

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