Daddy’s Girl

Daddy love
Daddy love

I’ve said it before, but there’s nothing like watching your husband become a father. Truly, nothing like it. It’s as though the love you feel for him/he feels for you was magnified a hundred times and showered onto someone else, now, too.

And seeing Maya light up when he walks in the room reminds me so much of my love and adoration for my own dad — how we’d wait at the stairs for him to come home from work and attack him with hugs. It’s the same with Luis; she can’t wait to show him her latest skill or tell him alllll about her day. I love their bond and love that she is completely and totally a daddy’s girl. And, she already knows she can’t get married til she’s at least 40, if he has his way 🙂

And so today, happiest of birthdays to my husband and the father of my children, the man I’ve spent nearly 13 years with. As we are humans and, therefore, imperfect, our marriage is far from perfect (come on, let’s be honest: whose is?).

But our relationship has been built on  foundation of love and trust;  respect and mutual adoration. Every day isn’t a breeze — especially lately with the stress we’ve been under lately maintaining two houses til we sell — but we know it will pass. And in tough times like these, he often reminds me that — in spite of our challenges — what we have is beautiful and rich; full of countless wonderful memories and a myriad of hopes for the future.  Above all, it’s ours to shape.

Happy Birthday, my love. To the next 35 and beyond!

Sharing a giggle
Sharing a birthday laugh: she offered to “share” his birthday.

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