Pregnant in Lulu

* Note: this is NOT a sponsored post.

Oh, Rosie Pope … Pregnant in Heels? No thanks. I prefer Pregnant in Lulu. 🙂

About a year ago, I made my first lululemon purchase. At the time, I loved my totally cute and functional Target and Old Navy workout gear, and was sickened at the thought of dropping so much money on a pair of crops for the gym … It just seemed insane.

But I had a little extra play money for a trip to Chicago and figured, what the hell. Let me see what this much-beloved brand is all about. Would it make me want to retire all my other gear and become a brand advocate? I didn’t think so.


It was love at first luon (one of lululemon’s signature fabrics).

Within a month, I’d consigned all my old gear and was full-fledged on the lulu bandwagon.

And over the past year, I have bought, exchanged and sold on Ebay/lulu groups more lulu garb than I care to admit (or add up — let’s just say it’s a hobby and passion), and gotten several friends to love the brand, too 🙂

And while my bank account (or husband ;)) might not love my passion for gym fashion, I buy it because it looks good, feels good on, WORKS, and inspires/encourages me to work out. Wearing such cute, fun workout clothes honestly makes me want to go to the gym. It makes me feel good about my body, in spite of it not being “perfect.”

And in spite of lulu’s recent PR crisis, “Sheergate” this past spring, I’ve remained loyal to the brand, knowing it would turn around.

While I haven’t been buying much since getting pregnant (for obvious reasons — hello, I am gaining week after week unlike everyone else at the gym), I’ve been pleasantly surprised to still fit into my fabulous technical gear being nearly 7 months pregnant and up about 20 or so pounds (not sure; haven’t weighed in a while).

Sure, some tanks are too short for my bulging belly now and have gone on sabbatical and a couple crops have been taken out of rotation due to where the waistbands sit … but there are still quite a few pieces I believe will carry me throughout my entire pregnancy — without needing to change sizes. Incredible, right?!

1) Cool Racerback Tanks (CRBs). I have a bunch of these and will continue to build my collection. These long and lean tanks have grown with my belly and look great under jackets/cardigans as casual-wear, too. I love to wear one of these on a Tuesday or Thursday when I have Zumba at night — it makes getting dressed for class a cinch! I justify the cost because one tank is doing double-duty. 🙂

2) Astro Wunder Under Crops. Full disclosure, I had to return these due to a quality issue in Feb., and they haven’t made a reappearance this summer but my fingers are crossed because the fold-down or fold-up waist on these is PERFECT for a growing belly and for not irritating a post-partum C-section scar. The moment these come back online or in stores, I’ll be snatching up a pair. Plus, they do double-duty as leggings.

3) Turbo Tanks. These tanks with a built-in shelf bra have been a GODSEND. They’re long and lean and have an open back so they are great for summer swelter/ventilation during sweaty Zumba and cardio sessions. These are made of Luxtreme fabric, which feels delicious on your skin. And, like CRBs, they can be worn as cute casual summer wear.

4) Ebb & Flow / In the Flow Crops. These are actually two different crops (in terms of length — hence the two separate links) but I am lumping them together in my “review” because the seamless fabric, high waist and compression level is the same. These make for great pregnancy crops. My belly feels snugly wrapped, but the crops are not tight. I feel like they’ll also be great for post-partum, when I still have a belly.

5) Dance Studio Crops. I bought these when I was about 14 weeks pregnant to go to Jamaica. They’re typically a size-down item for most people, but being pregnant, I snagged a black pair in my true size and they’ve been my weekend go-to crop this summer as well as go-to car or plane travel pant. The waistband is comfy and sits below my belly and the fit is generous in the legs/hips … perfect for pregnant women, as that’s where most of us pack on the pounds!

So those are my five favorite lulu pieces, featured in my bi-weekly pregnancy pics. 

And for as much as Luis doesn’t love love love my lulu habit, he sure doesn’t complain when I’m wearing lulu — nor is he upset that I haven’t needed a whole new workout-gear maternity wardrobe this pregnancy 😉

I really consider each piece an investment item … and the fact that they can carry me through pregnancy and beyond … well, that’s just awesome. I also think having the gear on hand will help encourage me to get to the gym (when I can, that is) post-partum — which we all know has lots of physical and mental benefits.

How about you? Are you a lulu fan or do you think they brand has gotten over-exposed (it has, but I still love it personally)? What workout gear do you prefer?


11 thoughts on “Pregnant in Lulu

  1. I made my first lulu purchases this past weekend. I resisted the urge, the “trend,” and all that for so long – mostly for the reasons you mentioned about it “just getting sweaty.”

    However, I’ve recently found that some of my other higher-priced workout gear is on super heavy rotation because I can really tell the difference in the quality and also just the way it makes me feel.

    I was in need of a specific outfit for this upcoming weekend (we’re relaunching this weekend for LesMills and I teach BodyFlow) and I couldn’t find solid colored crops anywhere. To lulu I went! And I am in LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I will definitely be going back as my budget allows.

    That said, when I tried the in the flow crops, I just couldn’t do it. They were super comfy and fit well… but they made me feel naked. Haha.

  2. I’ve never worn the LuLu brand before, but this post makes me a bit curious to try it. How awesome that you are able to still wear a lot of your pieces even 7 months pregnant! I have several workout capris I wear that sit under my belly, but everything else is OUT. For workout tops, I am wearing Motherhood Maternity tanks for my runs since they are nice and long.

  3. Haha, the easiest way that I’ve gotten my husband to deal with the price tag is to get him addicted to their menswear. He runs and crossfits in what’s now called their “pace breaker” shorts. I’ve also convinced him to sign up for lulu half marathon twice, which is like a lulu parade!

  4. Love your blog! Was going back through the archives and found this post- just wanted to see if your lulu gear stretched out at all through wearing it through your pregnancy, or if it was completely fine to wear again postpartum. Thank you!

  5. I have a pair of studio pants in my true size, but I find the waistband too tight around my middle to wear for very long (I am 5 months pregnant with my second).

    I agree wholeheartedly on the CRBs though! Super versatile. One really important thing to add to this list though are the cotton roll-down top pants and crops. I have a pair of each and another on order from ebay. They are absolutely PERFECT for pregnancy with the high waistband and super comfy material. If you ancillary between a larger and smaller size though, go with the smallr as they can stretch out a bit. I wear a 6-8 and went with the 6s, and they are perfection. Love, love, love them.

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