Wise Words from Kate Winslet

I was reading a great blog post today over at Scary Mommy which shared this most awesome Kate Winslet quote, one I just had to share here.


I LOVE THIS — a million times over.

Lately, Maya has been very interested in my workout clothes. If she sees me in anything Lululemon, she asks if I’m going to Zumba (sometimes yes, but honestly my lulu is my most comfortable attire right now!). If she sees my sneakers, they are “Mommy’s Zumba shoes” and she tries them on, calling them HER Zumba shoes. And I don’t know how it started, but I started flexing my bicep and kissing it (like we do in one Zumba routine) and she started doing it, too. I tell her “Mommy’s strong. Maya’s strong!” And she flexes her chubby, braceleted-with-baby-fat arms, kisses her little biceps, and says, “I strong!” It’s ridiculously cute, but it isn’t ridiculous … I love it.

I want her to love her body, to embrace it, to realize just how amazing it is. I want my daughter to know she is strong. To appreciate her body. And, in spite of carrying around all this extra weight right now, I want her to know that I appreciate mine, too — for what it has done and will do for me, through this pregnancy and beyond.

Which is why I think Kate’s approach sounds like a really sound one. There are SO many reasons to be proud of our bodies: running a race, dancing salsa, ice-skating, surfing, playing an instrument, painting, cooking a gourmet meal, giving birth … you name it, our bodies are capable of doing truly wondrous things. They aren’t just meant to be ogled as eye candy or poked at for imperfections, contrary to what every skin cream and hair product out there will make you think.

As mothers, we have a duty to teach many things to our children: love, honor, manners, discipline, self-respect. Just as important, we need to teach and encourage self-esteem to our children. And for many of us, self-esteem IS tied to our body image. We all know a positive sense of self leads to so many other positives in life, like confidence and, hopefully, success.

So let’s all take a cue from Kate and see what those simple words can do for the next generation. ‘I am so proud of my body.’ Repeat after me …

How about you? Do Kate’s words resonate with you?


3 thoughts on “Wise Words from Kate Winslet

  1. it is definitely true. i don’t hear many women say nice things about themselves and i’m surely one of them. i just don’t talk about it much with/in front of cj. i have to correct him often because he’s in that “me man, me objectify women” phase. and, it WILL be a phase. urgh. i think it’s great that you’re teaching maya to love her own skin, even if it involves kissing pretend biceps. 🙂

    1. Isn’t it such a shame women don’t!?! Aw man, that’s the phase that scares me and it seems inevitable! 😦 Oy. Yes, just a phase 🙂 LOL … she did it this AM in the car 🙂

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