I Don’t Know What She Knows

I’ve blogged before about how surprised I’ve been to discover what, indeed, Maya knows. From the moment they are born, children are learning and soaking up their surroundings so I’m not sure why I’m so fascinated … but I definitely am.

Two recent learning instances were worthy of capturing on video.

The first was Friday after we finished eating dinner. Out of nowhere, Maya got this huge grin on her face (like she often does before she’s going to “wow” us) and sings, “ABCDEFG … Thank you God for feeding me. Amen.” Clear as day. I was completely bewildered for two reasons: 1) She talks a LOT, but we had never heard this little “prayer” — so she must have learned it at school (and no, her school is not a religious school) and 2) She used the “prayer” appropriately … after meal-time!

I tried to get her to do it again a couple times afterwards and did get this little video, though her words are a little tough to make out as she was being silly and whispering.

The second was today. For a couple weeks now, she’s been “reciting” certain words and phrases from her [latest] favorite book, The Going to Bed Book. Each night she gets better and better with it and now she can recite the whole book unprompted (minus a couple words here and there). My phone has no more memory til I download pics, so I didn’t get to video her doing the whole book, but how adorable is this?!?! She really IS listening/absorbing everything we say/read/tell her and it’s just mind-blowing! What she’s saying is, “They hang their towels on the wall. And find pajamas big and small.”

I know all parents think their kids are the cat’s meow and clearly I’m no different — I just am loving this stage of discovering what she is capable of.


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