22 Weeks

OK, I stand to be corrected.

In spite of not feeling ginormous yet, I do look 15 lbs heavier, at least when I see a picture of myself … which apparently shows a much different “me” than the “me” I see in the mirror every day. Or maybe it’s because head-on I don’t look quite so huge, but from the side, hello baby?!! Who knows.

Either way, I snapped this pic [below] late last night at the gym and when I look at the comparison between 10 weeks and now, well, there you go. Fifteen (or more?) pounds, clear as day. Baby be growin’ 😉

The most important part is I feel good. And I feel blessed to still be active and not in any pain right now. Here’s hoping I can continue feeling this good all the way through. And all the kicks, punches, rolls and who know what he’s doing in there make it all worthwhile.

22 Weeks, June 5, 2013
@ Family Fitness 6/4/2013



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