The big reveal … place your bets here!

Provided this little mango cooperates, we’ll know if Baby H. is a boy or a girl sometime tomorrow morning. I thought it would be fun to take a little [anonymous] poll and see what you think it’s going to be!!

A couple fun facts to help you guess a gender:

*My female intuition has been spot-on most of my life … and it says GIRL.

*My mom, Luis and my sister are all convinced BOY.

*Various friends have opposing viewpoints, but I also wonder if they’re playing the opposite game with me … leading me to think they think one thing, and then really thinking something else. In the end, it doesn’t matter — I just want a healthy baby and feel blessed to be pregnant.

So for giggles, let’s see what you think …


One thought on “The big reveal … place your bets here!

  1. I’m with you! My family all thought Nate would be a girl and I thought boy although I didn’t have strong intuition either way. Can’t wait to hear your news!

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