Sitting in Silence

Today I had to go to urgent care for a nasty sinus infection that just wouldn’t go away. Of course, this would be the weekend we are moving into our new casa.

Fortunately, Luis and his BFF (visiting us from El Salvador) have been doing everything. I’ve helped pack stuff, but they rented a U-Haul and have been hauling boxes and unpacking at the new house while I have stayed here with Maya. To say I am grateful for their hard work would be a dramatic understatement.

Monday the professional movers come, and it’s our hope that it’ll just be the big stuff they’re left moving. In the meantime, our house is in disarray, we’re packing and moving, Maya is potty-training hard core this weekend (all on her own — she just tells us when she has to go and we go!), I’m 19.5 weeks pregnant, and now … a sinus infection. Not to complain or anything … I know it could be much worse!

Anyway, I did go to Zumba and a nurse and pharmacist friend both told me it’s likely a sinus infection and to definitely get checked out.

For nearly an hour, I was in a tiny little room all by myself. It was completely silent — eerily silent — at first. Just the sound of my own breathing. I laid back on the table (which was reclined for me) and waited for the nurse to come in. I put my hands on my belly and felt the little gymnast moving around in the womb. And I waited.

And while waiting, I realized, this was the first time in I can’t even remember how long where there was complete silence. No toddler asking me to help buckle her baby in its carseat. No husband telling me what he was going to get at the store. No Rocco barking. No phone ringing. Nada. Just … me. And, for that brief hour, it was truly awesome.

When all was said and done — indeed, a nasty sinus infection and as a bonus, I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat yet again! — I was definitely eager to get home … to the chaos and the cheer that is my life.

Sometimes we just need a little dose of silence. It really is a great medicine.


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