Maya’s Second Home

I can’t sing the praises of Maya’s daycare enough. I’ve said many times how much I love the environment, the teachers, the webcam, her daily report cards, what she is learning, the socializing, the growth and development, the menus, the endless list of babysitters … I literally don’t have a single complaint about her school.

I’m definitely of the belief that it takes a village … and clearly I love the “village” that we chose. Since they have preschool on site, she will likely be there until she starts kindergarten … and they’ve already got a spot lined up in the infant room for Baby #2. (Literally the day Maya wore her Big Sister owl shirt to school, the director told me we had a spot reserved!). So we’ll be with this “village” for as long as we are living here.

Another I love and appreciate? The random photos, texts and emails they send us parents, like the following I received this morning. It literally MADE my day. The email was titled “Sweet Peanut.”


I just had to share with you, that I just went down to visit with the Green Room and when I walked in, your sweet peanut came running from across the room and gave me a giant hug! She is such a sweet girl!

I just thought you’d enjoy that 🙂 Have a fabulous day!

My response — with eyes brimming with happy tears — was as follows:

Oh [name], that MADE my day! The hardest part about being a working-outside-the-home mom is knowing you aren’t with your child 24/7. But knowing she is in such good, loving hands … well that just warms our hearts to no end. I sent your message to Luis and he wrote back right away with a big smiley. We love you all and love how much she loves/adores each of you. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of her!

You *made* my day!!

It’s so true. If I can’t be with my child all day, there’s nowhere I’d rather her be. And at the end of the day, when she comes bounding toward me and collapses into my arms — as she did today — well, there’s no greater feeling. I know she’s happy … loved for … adored … and above all, ready to come home.

As a card my best friend gave to me says:

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world.”

That quote sums up motherhood for me in every single way.

For every moment I feel guilty about working (and lord knows I have my moments …), I love knowing that, even though I’m not with her 24/7 (for now, at least) I’m still her rock, her foundation, her sun and her moon. I’m her mommy … and there’s truly nothing better.


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