Boy or Girl?

First off, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there–I hope your weekend was wonderful! Mine was great and I feel truly blessed to have so much love and light in my life! 🙂

On to today’s post …

I have a lot of friends who didn’t find out the gender of their baby. To each his/her own, but to me, that’s crazy-talk! 😉 No, really … it’s just that I am suuuuch a planner and feel like it’s a surprise no matter when you find out.

Last time, we found out with a phone call from the genetic counselor early one morning while I was getting ready for work and Luis was in the shower. I was only 11 weeks along and scared out of my mind, wondering the baby inside of me would actually survive … so as long as it was something … we honestly didn’t care what gender “it” was. Just as long as “it” was viable and healthy. And sure enough, she was. We were/are very blessed.

This time, I haven’t needed CVS (which examines DNA), and so I’m on the path of what’s considered a “routine pregnancy.” This is all well and good … but it means that at nearly 19 weeks now, I still have no clue what’s in my belly. The way it is for most women, I know … but cut me a little slack here … last time was absolutely traumatic through and through!

During the first ultrasound, I immediately had the inkling it was a girl. I mean, there was nothing to see at 7 weeks … just a little blob and a yoke sac. During the second ultrasound (12 weeks), I still thought “girl,” but again, there was nothing to see. Just female intuition, which may or may not be right. And then the other night I thought, out of nowhere, it’s a boy. 

People ask me what we want and I tell them the truth: a healthy baby. Because really, that’s all that matters to both of us.

Obviously if it’s a girl, I’m an old pro. I am a girl and I have a daughter. But it’s not like all girls are the same. We could have two girls who could be totally different from one another–like my sister and I. We’re super-tight, but very different. If it’s a girl, her wardrobe is set, thanks to my shopaholic mama 😉 And of course I love the idea of sisters, sharing, best friends … but there’s also inherent jealousy/competition that tends to come with the sisterly bond (the same could be said for brothers, though I don’t know if that’s the case; I only have one brother).

If it’s a boy, it would be alllll new territory for us. Would we treat the two kids exactly the same, consciously or sub-consciously? I’d hope so, but I wonder about that. And oh, the shopping we’d need to do! We have lots of gender-neutral toys but not any gender-neutral clothes. Or nursery stuff. I will say this: I am really close with my brother, and that gives me hope of the brother-sister bond Maya and a brother could have.

We will find out 5/22 … and until then … it’s a giant mystery the little “being” inside of me moving around and pushing down on my bladder! 😉 Whoever he/she is, we look forward to naming and meeting sometime around October 9. (Stay tucked safely inside til then, baby, OK?!)

Oh and Baby H, for what it’s worth … your mama’s nesting instincts have kicked in full swing and she can’t wait to decorate the nursery in the new house. We’re definitely curious if we’ll be reusing Maya’s pink/espresso/cream bedding or going a whole different route for you … we’ll know soon enough!

How about you? Did you want to find out the gender of your baby? Did you have a preference? (And no, I don’t think it’s selfish or awful if you do/did!)


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