18 Weeks, Going Strong


Don’t mind the ridiculous face in the pic — I debated cutting my head out of the pic but then it loses some of the authenticity.

For being 18 weeks, I still feel relatively good. I don’t feel enormous, but I also don’t feel as small as I did with Maya at this stage. Staying active has been my saving grace. I don’t know — or care — how much I weigh right now. I feel “lean” for being nearly halfway through and I love knowing what my body is capable of.

I am feeling more and more movement–usually when I’m lying still–but unfortunately Luis can’t feel it yet. It’s OK; soon enough he’ll be able to.

Maya has been absolutely insistent it’s a “sister” in there … to the point of arguing with me when I told her it *could* be a brother. “No! It’s SISTER in ‘dere!” Um OK … we’ll know 5/22. I don’t think she truly comprehends it yet although there are twins in her class — Owen and Ava — and I’ve explained they are brother and sister so who knows what that little munchkin truly absorbs.

Between work, trying to sell our house, packing, preparing to move, and closing on the new house (tomorrow!!!) I’ve been a real stress-case this week … and haven’t been able to give as much thought to this pregnancy – which I’ve read is pretty common; with the second you aren’t as obsessed with each week’s update … usually because you’re chasing around your toddler in addition to everything else on your plate. I try to talk to the baby when I can, but it’s weird because at this point with Maya, I’d known she was a girl for 7 weeks already. I was able to “identify” with her. We had a name in mind. This baby, however, is an anomaly, a mystery … which I realize is “normal” (you don’t typically find out — if at all — til 20 weeks) but still. In that sense, I feel more disconnected from this pregnancy than I did with Maya. It doesn’t mean I’ll love this baby any less … just that I don’t feel that connection I did with Maya so early on.

All in all, it’s been a relatively painless and — dare I say it? — fun ride. I know I will be miserable come the heat of summer, but for now, I’m still carrying fairly low and fairly small (same as with her) so I’m not uncomfortable … yet.

So that’s my 18 week update. I’ll probably do these going forward every two weeks or so, so if pregnancy updates aren’t your thing, no worries!


6 thoughts on “18 Weeks, Going Strong

  1. You look awesome. If I was at your gym, I would have to try and stop myself from walking over and high-fiving you and giving you a, “You go, girl!” lol And congrats on the house! That’s a lot to take on all at once!

    I understand what you mean about the disconnect. To be honest, I did not feel very connected to Nate when I was pregnant. I never felt him move much (some but not like other people describe – like, I never felt hiccups) and we didn’t pick his name until 5 days before my c-section so I didn’t even “call” him anything … and I think the newborn phase was a little jarring b/c of that, but clearly it all worked out and we are very well connected. You’ll get there, probably sooner than later. 🙂

    1. LOL thank you 🙂 You’re too sweet!

      And glad I am not alone in feeling that way!! And see how connected you are now!?! It all works out. I do hope it’s soon though. I want to start exploring names.

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