To Be Womanly Always, Discouraged Never

Live it. Love it. Be it.I will forever be indebted to my sorority, Chi Omega, for the amazing college experience I had. The friendships I made during my four years at American University are ever-lasting … and I wouldn’t be who I am today without Chi O.

In the 12 years since my graduation, I’m always thrilled to discover that a stranger, a new friend, someone’s second cousin … is a Chi O, a fellow sister.

Which is why today, I’m sharing this article.

In case you missed it, Kelsey Williams, an NBA Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleader, was (unfairly) criticized for her weight by a sports blogger. But Kelsey isn’t letting those words get the best of her.

Per this new article in UsWeekly:

On Twitter Apr. 24, she wrote, “‘To be womanly always, discouraged never.'” She then added, “We wouldn’t know what blessings were if we didn’t go through trials. Thank you to EVERYONE for the compassion and love today. I’m in awe.”

Chi Omegas around the world will recognize Kelsey’s words in bold: they are part of our sorority’s symphony … something we’ve all recited so many times we could probably do it backwards and in our sleep. I love knowing she is “one of us.”

Even now, I turn to those wise words and try to exemplify the “commandments,” if you will, in my everyday life. I love that Kelsey found strength in those words now, and used them to combat some unfair, undeserved press.

Kelsey, you’ve made Chi Os all over the world proud! 😉 XOXO


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