Big Girl Bed, Night One

As a follow-up up to yesterday’s post … I didn’t have time to get a noodle last night and forgot about creating a barrier using receiving blankets. Still, she slept just fine in her new bed … until 4 AM, that is, when I heard her crying “Mommy, mommy, mommy!”

We had put every free blanket and pillow in our house surrounding her bed so I wasn’t worried she was hurt if she’d fallen …

It took me a minute to find her but sure enough, there she was … UNDER the bed! Surrounded by blankets and pillows.

The bed was horizontal and she was vertical, with only her head peeking out like a little turtle. I pulled her out and gave her a hug and she followed me into the bathroom (another joy of pregnancy, 1-2 times a night I have to use the restroom). She asked to come in our bed and, though we don’t usually let her come in, I caved. I just needed sleep and at that point of the night — er, morning — I just wanted some shut-eye since I had to be at the gym at 6:15 for training.

We’ll try again at naptime today and at bed tonight …

Let the fun begin!


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