We Always Want What We Can’t Have

A friend posted this pic to Facebook and it spoke a thousand words.


It’s so true that, especially as women, it’s rare to find someone who is genuinely happy in her own skin. Even people I know with great body image have their “off” days. We seem to want what we don’t have: blond hair if we’re brunette; curvy body if we’re lean; darker skin if we’re light … it’s a no-win scenario! What we have, someone else might envy.

And though we know — rationally — our self-worth isn’t tied to our physical selves (but rather what’s on the inside — like this fruit) … how often do we fall victim to this line of thinking? I know I do … it’s hard not to!

Most nights, post-potty and post-bath, I find myself chasing my naked 2-year old daughter as she hauls bum from the bathroom into the living room. She squeals in delight, sticking out her round (and gorgeous) baby belly and pumping her arms (still “braceleted” with delicious baby-fluff rolls) … tearing through the room like a crazed puppy saying “Get you!” It’s a game to her, til one of us manages to scoop her up and bring her to her room to get ready for bed. Game over.

While it can be equally frustrating and hilarious to watch this scene unfold night after night, I can’t help but smile. While I love everything about her — especially her ability to make us laugh, the glint in her eyes when she’s up to no good, the way her brows furrow (like Luis’s) when she’s trying to figure out a puzzle …  I really love how she is so blissfully unaware of her body. She has no fear, no hesitation. She just “is.”

We can all learn a lot from toddler’s inhibitions.

Like all the fruits in this photo … she’s sweet, plain and simple. And perfect just the way she is. Inside and out.


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