Cute Toddlerism #234

Maya’s latest “thing” is correcting herself. Now, before you think I’m putting my own Type-A anxiety issues onto my two-year-old, rest-assured I’m not 🙂 If anything, I’ve tried to be as easygoing as possible when it comes to her growth and development.

I’m far from perfect (and “easygoing” and “Melissa” never belong in the same sentence) but I really have surprised myself as a mom, a welcome change. Ultimately, I think she is just your typical first-born, eager to please and do things “right.” Plus, her daddy is an engineer who pays meticulous attention to detail, so she has that working against her in her favor ;).

It started a couple weeks ago. She was playing with her Memory cards that have Minnie and Daisy on them. She’s known her colors for a long time now and doesn’t usually confuse them … in fact, she’s quite vocal about which color shoes/dress/tights/bow/cardigan she will/will not wear.

So, like I’ve done a thousand times, I asked her what color bow Minnie was wearing. Matter-of-factly, she said, “Purple.”

It was pink. Still, I didn’t say anything.

But within a second of the words coming out of her mouth, she said, “NO! This bow PINK.” Followed by a big grin.

That was the first time I noticed it. Since then, she’s been doing it a lot. The strange part is, it’s stuff she knows really well that she’s correcting herself on: colors, foods, letters, shapes, numbers, friends’ names, where my parents/siblings live, her age.

“How old are you, Maya?” I asked the other night at dinner. (Dinner-time is basically Quiz-Time these days ;))

“Maya one.” Pause. No reaction from us. “No, TWO.” Another huge grin.

Then last night before bed, we were playing with her butterfly set (chunky pieces — heads, wings, and bodies) that she loves (and I love, because it teaches body parts, shapes and colors). I asked her what shape was on the body. Again, she knows her shapes really well — square, circle, triangle, heart, star.

But she called a triangle a circle and then corrected herself …  before correctly identifying the star and heart. Of course, a huge grin followed.

Kids make mistakes … OF COURSE they do. And maybe that’s what she’s doing lately; maybe she’s genuinely confused sometimes because her little brain is processing so much. I just am not sure if that’s the case here because these are all things she knows really well (and has for a long time), and it’s almost like she enjoys catching and correcting herself, if that makes sense?! Almost like it’s an intentional game? Who knows … we definitely know she is a queen negotiator, begging us for “two more minutes” of play each night. 😉 Maybe she’s a game-player, too?!

It was just mind-blowing to me how her little brain is working. And maybe she’s just making mistakes and that’s all there is to it. Either way, this is a very cute stage.

How about you? Did your/does your toddler correct him/herself? Do you think it’s on purpose or just a normal learning pattern? Would love any parents and teachers to weigh in here!


4 thoughts on “Cute Toddlerism #234

  1. Does she make jokes ever? Nate will do the same thing, say something wrong on purpose and then correct himself and fake hysterical laughter. She might be showing you how funny she is. 🙂

    1. Too cute, Candice! Maybe that’s what she’s doing — teasing us/joking. I guess I just didn’t think that was possible at this stage … but it seems that might be it!

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