And THIS is why [some] women have issues …

Last night I was watching my guilty pleasure, Kim and Kourtney Take Miami. In the episode, Scott is bitching about his baby mama Kourtney’s post-body baby, comparing this post-partum body to her last post-partum baby … He talks about her “bangin’ bikini bod” when they first met and how she looked soooooo hot then.

She looks absolutely disgusted as he rants about how she needs to lose weight, would look better slimmer, etc. Then, he has the audacity to ask how much she weighed when they began dating and she said, “I don’t know, maybe 95 lbs?”

“93 sounds perfect to me,” the jerk had the balls to assert.

This is when I texted furiously with a friend who was also watching and, in our heads, we simultaneously clobbered him. What a DB with a capital D. THIS attitude is why some women fall victim to eating disorders. What 30-something women belongs weighing 93 freaking pounds?! (Granted, Kourtney is short — like 5’1 I think?) but still, 93 pounds is crazy at any height and there is going to be some viewer out there who think she isn’t “good enough” because she doesn’t weigh what your average middle schooler maybe weighs.

This is what I love about Kourtney. She basically tells him to STFU and says, “I’m doing what I need to do for my body right now.”

1. She looks amazing, regardless if she is carrying a couple extra pounds or not … the girl is beautiful.

2. She just had a baby and is BREASTFEEDING. Contrary to popular belief, nursing isn’t always a surefire way into skinny jeans. Many women hold on to 5-10 lbs of fat — yes, you heard me, FAT — when breastfeeding. I don’t know the “why” but it’s true.

3. Weight is a touchy subject. Men should never, ever discuss a woman’s weight unless they are prepared to face the wrath of a woman on fire. Kourtney is thin, healthy, and not at all in danger of risking her life. He has literally NO right to voice concern. If she is concerned about her weight and wants to do something about it, fine. But criticizing her and berating her for her food choices/lack of exercise is just ludicrous and solves nothing. (sorry, Scott, but caring for two kids is a full-time job, not to mention co-running an empire!)

I’ve got news for you. If my husband EVER said so much as a comment like Scott did … he’d be out the door in a heartbeat. It’s hard enough for many women to gain pregnancy weight, let alone be left with their different post-partum bodies; it does a number on the mind and body.

Is it worth it? Hell yea. But without a supportive partner, how is a woman supposed to feel she is beautiful and perfect as she is … with or without those 5-10 “extra” pounds? Scott Disick needs to wake up. Making Kourtney feel bad about her body is NOT going to make her want to jump into bed with him, that’s for sure. And Godforbid their young son overhears these types of conversations. What messages does that send!?

[Yes, I realize these are rich, spoiled reality TV stars, famous for nothing except being famous … but I still think we can learn from their experiences and open them up for discussion].

How about you? Did you see the episode and what did you think about Scott’s rant? Was he in the right? How would you feel if you were in Kourtney’s shoes?


4 thoughts on “And THIS is why [some] women have issues …

  1. Ugh. I have to say, I believe the show is pretty scripted and I think Scott plays a certain role on the show, so to speak… however, that said, he clearly doesn’t mind playing/being the DB and having him play that role isn’t helpful, even if it’s fake. I wasn’t ever a fan of the Kardashians, but the more I’ve watched of them and read about them, I actually don’t dislike them as much as I thought – and Kourtney in particular. She really stands up for herself and her choices as a woman and mother and partner.

    1. LOL … even his last name, Disick, could be a cartoon … 😉 I’m with you, Candice. I rebelled against watching for the longest time. But now it’s like I’m compelled to watch … especially when it’s a marathon!!!! 🙂 Luis doesn’t get it, but my dad actually loves the girls which I find a hoot. And Kourtney really is the most grounded. I was also happy to hear she holds a college degree. I know it doesn’t mean anything in this day and age …. people without degrees can be super-successful … I just like that she does.

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