What I’m Loving Now

Lots of bloggers do “what I’m loving now” posts but I never have. Until now. Lo and behold, my list of food, fitness, and clothing loves …

MyFitness Pal App. I’m way late to the game on this one but this free app is pure genius. It tracks all the nutrients you could possibly want tracked, tracks calories earned and eaten, tracks weight and even has a function that captures bar code scans of items so there’s no need to search. I actually canceled my Weight Watchers subscription because 1) this one is free and 2) I think it’s even more effective because I can visually SEE the breakdown of nutrients. Though I am not focusing on the calories or anything specific (just want to be lean and strong), it encourages me to make better choices — and that means a lot.

Black Currant White Tea. My trainer gave me some to try and I’m smitten. I’ve been trying really hard to cut back on my Diet Coke addiction and this has helped enormously. In addition to being chock full of antioxidants, being warm, and tasting great, it helps with digestion — who can complain about that?! I’ll be stocking up on some more this week … World Market, here I come!

Vinyasa scarf. This is one of my favorite Lululemon purchases (mine is mini check pique black/white stripe). It’s ridiculously soft and warm and looks great as an indoor accessory while being totally functional as an outdoor scarf. It has kept me cozy and snuggly on many  flights already and if new colors come out, you can bet I’ll be buying more. I never considered myself a “scarf person” but this scarf kind of changed my life. Plus, it can be worn a myriad of ways.

Multigrain Cheerios. I fall in and out of love with cold cereal as quickly as the seasons change. This love/hate relationship’s roots came to be because cold cereal (of any variety) used to be a trigger food for me when I was stuck in a rut of midnight eating years ago … I’d binge on it while half asleep — literally. And then because my mind and body were so messed up, I’d have trouble during daylight hours getting satisfied from a serving… and again, it became a binge food. Having a toddler, however, means we always have big jumbo sized boxes of Multigrain Cheerios on hand — or, as she calls them “Chee-ye-yohs”. And lately I’ve been back on the Cheerios wagon. I am enjoying them, not abusing them. I can have a bowl and be done. Food doesn’t hold power over me the way it used to. (OK, except … chocolate 😉 Chocolate is still my weakness …)

Dark chocolate sea salt caramel ANYTHING. There are a million goods on the market in this flavor combo and I cannot.get.enough. Ice cream from Kilwin’s, Ghirardelli chocolates, Dove chocolates, my local coffee shop’s brownie bites, Biggby’s salted caramel latte … Yes, please … and thank you ten times over. The beauty of something so rich and delicious is I don’t need a lot of it to feel satisfied … and having it in my life means I’m never deprived. For me, deprivation/restriction is what made me miserable. It also fueled my disordered eating. Today (OK, for the past four years really) I’d rather eat in an orderly fashion a little bit of everything I love than NONE of something I love. Victory! Not on the scale … but in my mind. And that means a ton.

Popping muscles. I have delts! (I actually had to ask my trainer what that muscle was, because it was so cool looking and I’d never really seen it). And more-defined shoulders and back. And my legs feel leaner. Under my layer of “fun” (as I call it!) muscles are popping out left and right. While the scale hasn’t changed much, I’m not really in this to lose weight … I feel longer and leaner and muuuuch stronger. And that matters significantly more than the number on the scale. Thank you, Body Pump and personal training! (And thank you to my amazing company for its kick-ass wellness program which has covered a couple months of training).

So that’s what I’m loving at the moment. What about you loving right now, food/fitness/fashion-wise??


2 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Now

  1. Yay BodyPump!! Yay FitnessPal! I love both of those too. I’m also huge into the Sleep Cycle alarm app too.

    Food: I’m loving/craving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches recently. I’ve “healthified” them somewhat with sprouted, high/complete protein bread and reduced sugar jam. 🙂

    Fitness: I am (and have been) addicted to Les Mills (BodyPump, BodyCombat, and BodyFlow (which I teach)). I love the style of the classes and the group effect totally motivates me.

    Fashion: I’m lacking fashion, haha. I did buy new gym shoes this weekend though (boys’ shoes as recommended by a friend – cheaper ’cause they’re kid shoes!).

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