Schooled by My Two-Year-Old

“Mommy, put phone DOWN!” her tiny voice chastises me.

My face falls and, sensing I’m upset, she comes over and gives me a hug and a kiss. I smile back at her, accepting her warmth of an embrace, but my heart feels heavy.

It’s only February and I’ve already broken my resolution to be more present … and I was caught in the act by my two-year-old.

It’s not just that. Lately she’s been telling me, “No camera, Mommy!” and then, when I put it away, smiling this insanely huge grin and yelling, “Cheese!”, hamming it up for the camera.

Being present is HARD. My family lives far away; Luis’s family lives far away. So, by nature, we take a LOT of pics and vids … apparently too many.

I struggle with finding balance in this realm … I want to document so much of Maya’s life for my own selfish reasons but also for them … but yet by the very nature of documenting so much, I’m missing out on certain moments. Moments I don’t want to miss. Worse, Maya is catching on … and now she’s even asking me to stop.

Now, am I going to listen to every demand my two-year-old czarina makes? Of course not. But there is merit to what she is asking and, though it pains me to admit it, it does give me pause.


I’ve been schooled by my toddler.

How about you? How do you strike a balance between capturing moments and not being on your phone/camera 24/7?


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