Motivating Monday Musing


This quote says it all. And while it might seem a bit contradictory when compared to my last post, I still love it all the same. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have goals or aspirations … just a gentle reminder to be kind to ourselves.

Next time you think, “I was sooooo stupid!” or “I am such a pig!” or “Of course that’s why XYZ doesn’t like me”¬† … instead, try to say one nice thing to yourself. “I’m a great writer.” “I’m a wonderful mom.” “I give world-class hugs.” If it sounds funny in theory, I assure you, it sounds even funnier in practice. But the end result is worth it, isn’t it?

The truth is, it takes a lot more effort to be kind to yourself than to chastise yourself. I’d never talk to my friends/loved ones the way I have talked to myself over the years … I wouldn’t want to be with me/be friends with me if that had been the case!

So let’s vow to treat ourselves kindly … like we would a friend or loved one.


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