Triggers Everywhere …

This recent article on Jezebel reminded me that I’m so glad my disordered eating issues happened in the years before Facebook, Instagram, Nike+,  Pinterest … you name it. Because I can guarantee you if I had been going through that now, I’d likely be one of those girls documenting her every food/fitness move on her social spaces … and it wouldn’t have been pretty.

Fortunately, I’m in a really good place. I don’t weigh in daily, I don’t post my workouts to the Web or any social platforms, I don’t photograph my every meal (unless it’s too awesome NOT to share ;)) and I don’t really discuss food anymore unless it’s in the context of where I would like to eat. Of course, on the flip side, I see why people without eating issues might want to share — it can be highly motivating to say “I ran 4 miles” or to show an image of your #Paleo meal … but for me, it’s a slippery slope into trigger territory. And I just won’t go back there. Can’t.

Especially now that it’s the new year, you see tons of resolutions on Facebook and Twitter, people bashing themselves about their weight, their size, their this, their that … it’s just not positive and helps no one.

On the other hand, setting a goal publicly can be highly motivating. How about this one, for example? In Daren’s case, the social tools he will have at his fingertips will literally push him to keep going during his grueling two years of training before he runs across the U.S. They will be invaluable to him — especially during the run! I get that, for sure … And on a much smaller scale, maybe to someone trying out Couch to 5K or some other program, having those tools at his/her disposal is a real boost. But for those of us for whom that kind of “promotion” would be triggering, we’re better off watching from the sidelines.

Which is why I’m really, really glad I’m at the place I’m at. I can cheer you  on without getting jealous; I can look at your food pics without issue … you just won’t see ME posting similar content. It’s what’s best for me.

How about you? Do you care if other people document their food/fitness journeys? 


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