Happy Birthday, Maya!

Dear sweet Maya,

Today, you are  TWO. TWO!!! How is this even possible? I know it will sound silly to you, but it feels like just yesterday you were gingerly placed in my arms. Your signature double dimples and blue eyes haven’t changed since day one, but two years later, your delicious rolls are disappearing and you’re  getting longer and leaner. With enough hair to put in a ponytail, you’re looking more and more like a little girl each day. I catch glances of you playing and see me, then Daddy, then me. You are our little mirror, our little monkey. You are polite and kind to people and animals (even Rocco, when he is bothering you!) and you’re the best mommy to your babies — washing their hands and feeding them and tucking them in, patting their backs … You’re self-sufficiency skills (and determination to do things alone) blow us away and the times you ask, “Help please?” in that little voice, my heart melts just a little. OK, a lot.

I just love feeling needed by you.

You have opinions and some sassy toddler ‘tude and you’re not afraid to tell me “No, Mommy!” if you don’t want to do something … but you also want to do everything we do/say everything we say … and you give the world’s best impromptu hugs and kisses. There is simply no better way to end the day than by snuggling with you in at night and feeling your chest rise and fall in sync with mine — like in the womb, when we were one — and your sweet freshly-brushed breath on my neck.  I know these cuddly, snuggly days with you can’t last forever … and I never take them for granted.

I feel lucky that I knew love before I met you … my own Mommy and Daddy, and then of course your daddy … but becoming your mommy, I’ve learned there is truly no love like the love between mother and child. It’s unique, unparalleled. And you make me want to be a better person.

Never, ever doubt how much you are loved and adored, Maya. Happy Birthday, peanut butter, sugarplum, Maya Papaya, monkey, little munch … We love you SOOOOOOOO much. May this third year be your best yet!

Love, Mommy


Photo taken at Maya’s second birthday party on Saturday–this is one of my faves from the day.


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