Getting on Track

This weekend was great for many reasons: family time, time with friends, great workouts, shopping … but I think the best part of the weekend is I’m starting Monday on -17 Points. For me, this is HUGE. Usually by Sunday night I’m at -70 lately … not even kidding. (For those not aware of how the Weight Watchers Points system works … this is NOT it ;))

Basically, I feel like I got my mojo back.

It started Friday. I was already getting into the mindset that I needed to clean up my eating, and had had a decent day food-wise … plus I had worked out in the morning with a friend, so I was definitely in a good mindset.

After work, we ran some errands and Luis suggested getting a rotisserie chicken for dinner: quick, easy and cheap. I didn’t want to go in the store with Maya — it’s just not fun anymore running errands with a toddler who wants to MOVE all the time — but I needed a prescription for my eyes, and so in we went.

As luck would have it, I ran into my Zumba instructor who was going to be personal training me the next day. We chatted for a while and then I went home, feeling nervous/excited about the training session but also really empowered to make good choices Friday night. And I did. And I felt wonderful.

Saturday I had Zumba followed by my personal training session. I’ll be honest, I hated stepping on the scale in front of someone else (I still hate it at the doctor’s office) but I got over it. It’s not like my trainer — or the nurse/doctor/whoever — are really judging me for that number, but I still have scale anxiety and am not sure that will ever go away.

As I figured she would, she completely kicked my booty. I hadn’t lifted in three years (did I just admit that?!) and so I definitely needed it. As we got to working out, she said I was in really great shape (woot!) and that she’d have fun training me because we could do a lot. I told her I wanted my waist back; to focus on inches more than weight. I don’t want to get caught up in the numbers.

After our session, I knew I would be signing up. Because of how good I felt, I didn’t snack at all yesterday–no mindless munching (a big thing for me to overcome) … and then Luis cooked us a great dinner. That evening, I made 7 lbs of peppermint bark for my company’s cookie exchange, but I just had a couple little tastes and that was it. I just didn’t need more.

Then today I had Zumba again, ate a healthy breakfast and lunch, didn’t snack and enjoyed pizza and a brownie with our friends tonight — guilt-free. Truthfully, dinner is what set me over -17 … but that’s OK. In the grand scheme of things, this was my best WW weekend in a looooooong time. Why? No obsessing, no restriction, no over-thinking, no over-exercising, no mindless munching … I listened to my body (not my head), ate mostly well, moderately worked out, and enjoyed treats in moderation. On the whole, I felt amazing.

It really wasn’t so difficult to enjoy, yet be mindful. I felt “normal” — like, this is how normal people live.

In other news, a good friend and I have teamed up as pre-work lifting buddies for a couple days a week — and I think that will really help keep me accountable. Between that, clean[er] eating, committing to a personal trainer, and Zumba (and running on occasion) …  I think I’m back on track toward a healthier, better me. Bring on 2013!

How about you? Do you have a workout buddy? Does it help/has it helped keep you accountable?


2 thoughts on “Getting on Track

  1. I don’t have a workout buddy, but I really wish I did. It would be nice to have someone else to help motivate me. I am considering the whole personal trainer thing. My local community center has a deal where you can get 10 sessions for $200.

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