The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

Children might be born as blank slates, but it doesn’t take long for those slates to fill up with personality traits.

Just shy of two years old, Maya has a personality all her own … but she’s clearly getting some outside influence as she shapes the person she will become.

Lately, Maya has become a resident drama queen (a la her mommy) and a negotiator (a la her daddy).

Exhibit A (Drama Queen): Tonight at dinner, for example, her answer to everything was a deep, contemplative sigh followed by a drawn-out “Nooooo …” … as though it was sooooo godawful for us to even ask her a question such as, “Do you want carrots or green beans?” I mean, imagine the gall we had?! Then she refused to eat everything and threw an epic I’m-too-tired-to-function tantrum before promptly being put to bed 😉

Exhibit B (Negotiator): This has been the trend this weekend. We’ll be leaving to go somewhere — or it’ll be nap-time, bed-time … and she’ll ask, “Maya watch one Mickey?” [As in, can I watch one [more] episode of Mickey’s Clubhouse] She’s gotten quite savvy at her negotiating skills … basically telling us she wants to watch one episode and THEN she will do XYZ (without actually saying it). Um, no, sweetpea, that isn’t how it works! Cute as she is, she can’t always get her way … even with big, pleading baby blues and double dimples …

I love watching her mind work and just love seeing her little personality come into light. She’s definitely equal parts both of us. Hopefully just our best parts 🙂

How about you? Are you more like one parent or another? Are your children more like you or your spouse/significant other?


4 thoughts on “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

  1. This post made me giggle. Nate is my little echo – he is picking up a lot of things I say and using them now (correctly, to boot!). Like he’ll say, “Oh goodness!” all the time. Or if I ask him to do something, he says, “Okaaay, okaaay” like I do if he’s bugging me about something while I’m busy. LOL It’s definitely made me more conscious of how I speak to him.

  2. ha! maya is also a little menace in front of the camera. 🙂

    i’m a combination of my parents but i got some of my father’s ‘too honest all the time’ and ‘wear my heart on my sleeve’ traits.

    i can only pray for connor. 🙂

    1. Candice, SOOO true! Little echoes. She’s started saying, “Go AWAY” to Rocco in the same tone I use … LOL about “Okaaaaay, okaaaay.” I can totally picture it!!! Definitely a good wake-up call. Toddlers are little monkeys, repeating our words, tone, actions and even expressions.

      Staci, YES she is, and she definitely gets that from her daddy 😉 Though in her defense, home girl was sick puking for two days so that definitely played into her. We’ll see how her two-year goes 🙂

      I don’t think those are bad traits at all — they make you YOU 🙂

  3. I am, without question, a total combo of my parents. I don’t look more like one than the other unless you ask that side of the family, and I’ve caught myself reacting exactly like each of them as if their words were coming straight out of my own mouth. (They don’t really react similarly to things, so this is quite interesting.) My droopy eyelid comes from my dad (though opposite eye), and my fingernails come from my mom. My stubbornness, well, that comes from both of them.

    It must be fun to both see glimpses of yourself and of Luis in Maya. 🙂

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