What to Expect (No, I’m not expecting …)

Sometimes the stars really do align. I got an email this weekend from the outreach and partnership director of WhatToExpect.com, the online companion to the bestselling What To Expect When You’re Expecting series of pregnancy and parenting books. I would be part of the Word of Mom guest blogging roster.

I’m truly honored. There’s no financial compensation, but it’s a fantastic PR opportunity for me and my blog, so today I agreed to write something — which will be published on October 31.

The assignment is simple: write a blog post that can be about getting pregnant, pregnancy, parenting children under 5 years old, or other issues of parents of young children.

Talk about an open-ended assignment!

I’ve already had two posts published at Babble.com — one on the pros and cons of the daycare webcam and one on how toddlers can teach adults to eat intuitively.

I feel like I still have a lot to say about those topics, but I need to expand to something bigger. So I need something else and thought I’d ask you, my readers. I have a couple unpublished posts I could use, or something completely different. I welcome any and all input. Hurrah for crowd-sourcing!

Thanks in advance!


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